4 Reasons Why Your Squad Needs The JBL Boombox

Gone are the days of AUX cable and Bluetooth speaker woes, JBL’s Boombox portable speaker has changed the game for good.

Winner of the 2018 Red Dot design award, this portable Boombox speaker has a tonne of features which make it perfect for you and your squad. You can grab it for a HUGE discount with UNiDAYS and go into the draw to win a massive prize (more on that below).

1. Connect multiple devices

There’s nothing worse than fighting over who plays music or falling asleep over a friend’s boring playlist. You can connect 2 smartphones or tablets to the speaker and take turns playing songs, so you can play your Kanye and your mate can play Taylor Swift - everyone wins!

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2. Enjoy the 20,000mAh battery and power bank

20,000mAh means you’ll get 24 hours of music, or you can plug in your devices to charge them while they’re connected to the speaker! Using bluetooth connectivity can be a huge drain on your battery, so this is a pretty sweet feature to have - especially if you have that one friend that has to borrow your charger all the time.

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3. It’s waterproof

The Boombox is a waterproof speaker that doesn’t sacrifice sound quality for water tightness. It’s a perfect poolside or messy night companion cause it won’t be ruined by a clumsy friend!

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4. The reviews are really good

Product reviews are often the easiest indicator of how good something is and in this instance, the JBL Boombox has been reviewed time and time again against other competitors and has come out on top. Check out this in-depth review that shows you snippets of sound and all the device’s features.

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