4 Best Jobs To Have At Uni

Student life can be pretty expensive, whether you're living at home or in student accommodation.  Having a little extra income can go a long way when you're at university, and having a job offers you great experience for the future. Although, finding the right job that suits you and your studies can be difficult.  Here are four jobs that I think are perfect for university students looking for a bit of extra cash.  And remember, all work experience is good experience!

Café And Bar Work

Are you a people person or a lover of food? Why not look for a part time job in a cafe or restaurant.  Generally hours can be flexible, you'll be fed when working, it's great for your customer service skills and restaurants and cafes also make for a really good study spot, even better if you know the staff! With an average hourly rate of around $15 you'll be earning decent money to go alongside your studies.

Retail Work

Jobs in retail are another great choice for students, they can be pretty easy to come by and are perfect for improving your customer service skills.  General Pants are hiring a range of retail roles that include some awesome benefits for students; such as study leave, an extra 4 paid leave days per year to focus on your studies as well as Study assistance, giving you financial support to help with your study ambitions.  If you're about to finish uni and are looking for a career in the fashion industry, why not take a look at what General Pants have to offer for you. For more information on careers at General Pants, check out their careers page here.


A lot of people might be put off by the idea of flyering, but it's actually really easy money.  Yes, a lot of people might avoid you or be rude, but if you're looking for something with short hours and good pay, I recommend contacting your local bars, nightclubs or music venue for some easy work.  Plus, who wouldn't want free entry into a nightclub!


Looking to help others? Tutoring might be a good choice for you.  Offering extra help to local schools or clubs looks great on job applications and can be really self-fulfilling.  If this is something you'd be interested in doing, you'll definitely be able to find loads of information from your university. Hero Image Source  

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