3 Things Dark Phoenix Taught Me About Exam Time

In Dark Phoenix, the X-Men come up against the car-flipping, body-melting, pyrotechnic powers of Phoenix (Sophie Turner).

It's a wild time, for sure, but our thoughts were more with the mutant students of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, who are probs coming up against the explosive power of exams rn.

Thankfully, the movie taught us some lessons about how to tackle the study season...

Stay focused

Professor Xavier can read people's minds... so why can't he figure out that constantly leaving campus to pursue Phoenix is heaps disruptive?

Worse still, WHY is he sending some of his top pupils on a risky mission into the depths of outer space DURING THE MIDDLE OF EXAMS? They don't have enough on their minds already, Professor?!

It doesn't take a mind reader to know that students are pretty bloody stressed this time of year, so how's about we let them stay focused, instead of giving them intergalactic responsibilities that will potentially alter their biochemistry forever and have alien assassins chasing after them? Who needs that shit in their lives?!?!

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Emotions make you strong

Phoenix says this late in the movie, and she's right. She holds in her feels for a large chunk of Dark Phoenix and, well, it causes stuff to blow up.

It's fine to feel a bit overwhelmed, especially when there's a lot going on. Whether you ruin a forest party for young mutants by unleashing a hectic force beam or you're juggling assignments/work/going out/bills, it's completely understandable to feel the pressure.

The thing to remember is: better out than in, so be sure to reach out to your friends and fam if you need any support.

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Stuff is intense... then it's not

True, exam time can seem like a mangled helicopter spinning out of control or a train getting dismantled by aliens and superhumans doing battle...

BUT, it'll pass. And so will you. The things will get done and life will resume. We'll do it all again soon enough – but until that time, you gotta relish the semester break and non-deadline days.

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