10 IKEA pieces we're obsessed with this year

Whether you're giving your room a makeover, moving out or just looking at inspo for your next Sims build, the IKEA catalogue is the holy grail of interior design and inspiration. Here are 10 pieces I'm loving:

1. MICKE Desk

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This oak effect desk is a step away from the monochromatic aesthetic and that's exactly why it caught my eye. It's the perfect size for a bedroom or study nook and it's got enough storage with adjustable shelves for your paperwork and textbooks. You can even keep cables out of sight because the design allows you to hide them!

2. FLYSTA Shelving Unit

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I love a versatile shelf, and this one can be used horizontally (use it as a vanity or TV stand!) or vertically for storing all your books and knick-knacks in your room. Better yet, it fits cute storage cubes if you're about that de-cluttered-life.


Who said a bath matt can't be cute and stylish!? This microfibre mat dries quickly, is super soft between the toes and comes in a variety of pastel colours.


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Forget harsh ceiling lights, this lampshade is the perfect addition to any room to create an instant cosy feeling. It's made out of recycled PET bottles so it's good for the environment and for your aesthetic! It even has a cool spot to wind up excess cables so they don't hang everywhere (if you can't tell, I love not being able to see cabes)

5. INGRUN Throw

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It's probably hard to imagine it being cold in Australia right now but come June when you're studying for your finals, you'll want something cosy to snuggle into. This throw is perfect for the end of your bed, your couch or even as your own little cocoon of warmth.

6. BOYSENBAR Plant Pot

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A go-to to spruce up any room and bring in a little life is plants! Whether they're real or fake (no judgement), a nice pot for them to live in is a must, especially if it ties your room together! I'm loving the texture on this one.

7. NORDMARKE Triple Wireless Charging Pad

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3 words: No. More. Cables! This is perfect for de-cluttering your desk and power point, especially if you've got multiple products that use the same charger. You could charge your phone, headphones and smartwatch all at the same time!

8. STEIVOR Chair Pad

An easy way to get fresh looking chairs without spending money on new furniture is to update the covers or pads! I like this chair pad because it makes wooden chairs instantly comfy and adds some texture to your room. It'll make those long nights on the laptop way more comfortable!


Get a little taste of lux in your room with this sleek and practical design. It's the perfect size to fit under your desk and you can use it for abandoned mind maps, old sticky notes and your notes at the end of semester. There's really no better feeling.

10. STORSINT Glasses

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Nice glasses are often so expensive for them to be used once and sit in the dishwasher for a week (soz, not soz). This one's perfectly designed and comes in a 6 pack so you can host fancy get-togethers, or have a new glass for almost every day of the week. Adulting!

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