10 easy-cook chicken meals perfect for uni

Cooking at uni is either a love or a hate thing. You're either king cook of your halls or you have Deliveroo on speed dial. Either way, to celebrate Chicken Month, because apparently that's a thing, here are 10 cheap, easy and healthy dinners that you can whip up in a student kitchen. The great thing about a lot of these dishes is that they use a lot of the same ingredients like mushrooms, peppers and onions so you can either bulk buy and bulk cook or share multipacks with friends. Happy cookin'!

1. Chicken and broccoli alfredo

I had to kick off this list with a pasta dish. Because, pasta is life. This creamy, cheese and garlicky dish is basically heaven on a plate. Add more broccoli and chicken to pasta ratio if you're feelin' healthy or just go in with all three in the same amount if you're about that delicious life. Swap out heavy cream for natural yoghurt or light cream cheese if you want to keep calories in check.

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2. Moroccan chicken goujons

Hello? Is that fancy pants calling? I think they want their recipe back because this is INCREDIBLE. All you need for this crispy coating is a Moroccan spice mix which you can pick up from most supermarkets in the spices aisle, flour, breadcrumbs, eggs and oil - lots of store cupboard essentials. Serve with sweet potato fries, an avocado salad and all the dips for the ultimate night in.

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3. Clean eating chicken, cauliflower rice and beans

One pot meals are the ultimate student lifesaver. Minimal washing up and usually edible from a bowl with a spoon. This is what I'm talking about. Especially when something is as healthy as this dish. There's protein and carbs but also minimal fats. You are winning on all accounts! This is also a pretty budget friendly dinner, chicken is probably the most expensive ingredient and you can stock up on black beans for the cupboards and cauliflowers are usually around 90p for a huge head.

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4. BBQ chicken pizza

Obviously I couldn't write a savoury food listicle without some sort of pizza. It's probably my favourite food. Making my own pizzas is probably one of my favourite things to do in the kitchen, too. Grab yourself some cooked chicken, BBQ sauce, peppers and light mozzarella and layer on top of some tomato puree.

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5. Baked chicken with peppers and mushrooms

Another one-dish wonder! All you need for this dream is chicken, onions, mushrooms, peppers and cheese. Serve with courgetti or your usual spaghetti fave for a tasty dish. This is a great meal prep dish too, cook a pack of 4 chicken breasts and you're set for a whole week of dinners if you don't mind eating the same thing every night!

6. Chicken and chorizo stew

This is a perfect recipe for when you just want to chill out on the sofa watching TV and eating something warming. Plus, it's a great meal prep dish and uses loads of bargain store cupboard ingredients like chickpeas, chopped tomatoes and olives from a jar. Serve with rice, buttery bread or naans for an extra comforting carb hit.

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7. Friday night fajita board

Perfect for Friday nights in with your housemates. If you're having a cosy night in, load up on Netflix and wraps and you're in for a tasty treat. Chip in all together to bulk buy ingredients and it'll turn out to be pretty easy on the pocket, too. Another classic mix of peppers, onions and mushrooms! Just make sure your spice cupboard is stocked with paprika, cumin, chilli flakes and garlic.

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8. Greek souvlaki chicken skewers

Take yourself back to holidays with these delicious skewers. Whip up a tzatziki style dip, grab some pitta breads and dig in.

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9. Baked popcorn chicken

These have a crisp crust. Yep, you read that correctly. Crush up your favourite crisps and use them as a chicken crust. Incredible. Serve with sweet potato fries, all the ketchup and even, maybe, if you're feeling freaky, gravy!

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10. Chicken ranch wraps

Sometimes only a wrap will do. Something tasty that you can stuff to the brim with fillings and eat with your hands. Filling, delicious and easy. That's what we like! Ranch dressing is a totally American thing and it's damn tasty. Creamy, cheesy and zesty - it's all kinds of fun.

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