Make better use of makeup tools

As if it wasn’t enough that makeup seems to be ever-expensive and ever-running-out, but you also have to factor in money to spend on makeup brushes and sponges and mirrors and tweezers and all kinds of clever tools. Obviously on a student budget, the world revolves around saving money so try out these clever tips to make the most of your makeup tools and save yourself a few pennies. Makeuptools-article-2 Save yourself from buying a fancy eyebrow brush and instead just clean the wand out of an old mascara; works just as well! Why buy 2 brushes when you can just buy one? Instead of investing money in buying a fan brush for applying highlighter or blusher, just modify your normal powder/blusher/face brush by adding hair grips. Makeuptools-article-1   Buy yourself some tools that do more than one job. For example, an angled eye brush will be great for doing eyeliner AND for filling in eyebrows. Makeuptools-article-3 As the technology of makeup sponges gets better, it’s no longer something you just throw away after 1 or 2 uses. Infact you can pretty much use one to apply all your makeup including foundation, concealer, highlighter, contour, blush and even eyeshadow! (obviously clean it thoroughly between different uses and products). Saves buying loads of expensive brushes!

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