New: Benefit Rollerlash mascara

When Benefit Cosmetics release a new product, the girly contingent of the UNiDAYS office goes crazy and we can't wait to get our hands on it. Seeing as you guys can grab an awesome 10% off with your UNiDAYS discount we figured you'd love to know if their latest product is worth the hype! We've tested out the new Roller Lash mascara and we also asked two of our favourite bloggers to give it a go too. Benefit say; "It’s a roller for lashes! The eye-opening Hook ‘n’ Roll™ brush grabs, separates, lifts and curls…while the instant curve-setting formula holds for 12 hours." Let's see what our reviewers thought... benefit-roller-lash Image c/o Tilly Jayne Kidman

1. Tilly from Tilly Jayne

Hello! I’m Tilly and blog over at I’ve been trialling the new Benefit Roller Lash, and I’ve been BLOWN AWAY by the results. I always tend to invest in decent mascara; I don’t dabble in false lashes so it’s important that I not only get enhanced length but also thickness. I’m a big fan of Benefits ‘Bad Gal’ so this had a lot to live up to. benefit-roller-lash-2 Image c/o Tilly Jayne Kidman The packaging (which as always is super cute!) gives a rundown of stats from testers. It states 97% said it visibly lifts lashes, and I have to agree. Just one swipe and my lashes were instantly lifted and much longer. The hook 'n' roll brush enables your lashes to have a lovely curl to them, which I haven’t found before.  The brush is also a perfect size and lets you get into the corner lashes, which can otherwise be tricky with a chunkier brush. Overall this product gets massive thumbs up from me and will become a staple in my makeup bag. See-ya later eyelash curlers! "Honestly my lashes could almost touch the sky with this product!"

2. Katie - UNiDAYS Social Babe

"Before we start, I have to admit I’m not very adventurous when it comes to mascaras, I’ve tried a few but it was a previous Benefit mascara, ‘They’re Real’ that earned pride of place in my makeup bag and I’m yet to find anything to beat it. I was interested to see if the new Roller Lash would change my mind. I’m quite lucky that my eyelashes aren’t particularly short and they’re quite dark naturally, so what I look for in my mascara is something that can open them up without clogging together but also lasting the day and more importantly, nights out. Verdict: Usually I like to get a few coats in to ensure my lashes are looking as full as they can, so I tend to think of the first coat as a base. But with this mascara I could have definitely left the house happy with just one coat on! I think this may be down to the way the brush is made; with different bristle lengths on either side, ensuring all the lashes are covered with one stroke. It’s a plastic brush too which I love as these definitely help with the separation. Anyway, as I’m a double layer kinda girl, I decided to stick to what I usually do and applied an extra coat. Not only did this open up my lashes even more, it made them look even darker and NO CLOGGING! … I think this mascara might have just secured itself a new place in my makeup bag. Bravo Benefit! "This mascara is amazing!" roller-lash Image c/o @MyUNiDAYS Instagram

3. Hannah from

I'm one of those people who buys cheap mascara over and over again just because I believe that good eyelashes come naturally and amazing eyelashes aren't down to mascara. However, after receiving my new Roller Lash it's made me realise that brand may actually matter. Let me start from the top - this mascara actually has packaging - and it's lovely. You can already see and feel the quality of this mascara! benefit Image c/o Hannah Venables Onto the tube - I love the wand handle; yet again you can see the quality of it! The handle is 'grippy' and it's easy to open and I <3 it. I always seem to go with mascaras with big brushes and big wands for some reason so Benefit's Roller Lash was a change for me, I thought it would leave loads of product on my lashes as there's less bristles on the brush, but it was actually a pleasant surprise when I tried it out. It was lifting and made my eyelashes look longer. The thing that I liked the most actually was that because it lengthened my lashes it made my eyes seen brighter and it hasn't left me with panda eyes yet which is always a plus! I would give this mascara a strong 4.9 out of 5 and have already given my Mum urgent instructions to go out and buy one for her! I definitely think if you're looking for a mascara to widen and brighten your eyes, this is the one!  "A strong 4.9 out of 5!"

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