The 20 best podcasts to get you through 2020

Looking for a podcast to pair with your daily walk? Or how about one to motivate you out of bed in the morning, or de-stress and relax on your lunch break? Well, whatever you’re looking to do, I’m bringing you a delightful mix of entertaining, mind-norishing and relaxing podcasts to help get you through these current times. From sex to food to scientific breakthroughs – I promise there’s something for everyone.

Mind, soul and positivity

Happy Place

Go ahead and add a little sunshine to your morning with the Happy Place podcast. Led by TV and radio presenter Fearne Cotton, you can expect warm-heated DMC’s with celebs from a whole host of industries like music, tv, fitness and food. Fearne explores intimate details of her guests’ personal life and works to uncover what exactly does happiness mean to them. Previous names on the show include Joe Wicks, BodyPosiPanda and Reggie Yates.

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Feel Better, Live More

From staying calm in coronavirus to finding your purpose in life, registered GP Dr. Chatterjee is here to help demystify health myths and bring you simple life-hacks that will improve your every day. With well-being experts and thought-leaders at the helm, this podcast shares a practical view on how our daily worries are affecting our lives, coupled with tangible advice on how to deal with them ¬¬– it’s like a little life coach on demand.

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Fitness and nutrition

Bulletproof Radio

If you’re looking for the next best natural hack to increase your lifespan and your IQ , then you’re in the right place. Podcast presenter Dave Asprey is an inquisitive entrepreneur who’s devoted a chunk of his life to discover: What are the simplest things you can do to be better at everything? On this podcast Dave brings on biochemists, Olympic nutritionists and world-class doctors to answer that very burning question.

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The Food for Fitness Podcast

This one is the perfect pick to spark some self-care motivation. By focusing on what you can add to your life rather than eliminate, nutritionist Scott Baptie delivers fitness, food and lifestyle advice. All of Scott’s methods and explanations are super clear and easy to understand which boosts the likelihood that you’ll actually achieve your health goals this year. Oh and his Scottish accent makes listening easy!

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All things beauty

The Beauty Brains

Do products with Vitamin C in really work? Will sunscreen prevent tanning? What do Jade rollers actually do? The Beauty Brains will answer all these questions and more! Created by cosmetic scientists and formulators Perry Romanowski and Valerie George, The Beauty Brains podcast unveils the latest research behind beauty hypes and trending products, leaving you more informed for your next glow-up purchase.

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Naked Beauty

Pick your fancy: 10-step Korean beauty regime, DIY at-home face mask or MUA level contouring? Beauty lover Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli covers all these areas and more in her podcast Naked Beauty. Taking a deep dive into all things H&B with founders, makers and industry experts Brooke discusses self-care, wellness, skincare and makeup, whilst also sharing her personal reviews of product faves and DIY creation tips.

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BFF chat

Black Gals Livin’

And now for a personal fave of mine ¬– Black Gals Livin’. This one’s brought to you by Brunel University alumni BFF’s Vic and Jas, who serve up some juicy chat on the latest internet crazes, pop culture goss and relationship dynamics. The pair also keep it real by spotlighting topics like colourism, depression and how to cope with being broke. Honestly this podcast gives me LIFE and if you wanna be screaming over love island bants, crying over Nicki Minaj’s latest beef or just need a little reassurance that it’s okay not to be okay, then this one’s for you too.

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The Receipts Podcast

And you thought you’re dating story was bad… just wait until you listen to this podcast! Three very unfiltered friends – Milena, Tolly T and Audrey – answer scandalous relationship dilemmas submitted by their very own listener audience. They then offer their extremely honest opinions on how to deal with the dilemmas. Expect sex, drama and x-rated predicaments. You’ll feel just like you’re together with your BFFs.

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Deeper thinking

The High Low

Created by journalists Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes, this podcast explores buzzing pop-culture stories through to political press, with each subject being inspected a lot further than just the headline. Hosting topics such as feminism, social media and monogamy, you’ll find yourself sinking into this podcast and joining along the discussions in your head.

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Ask The Naked Scientists

Are you ever just sat there pondering random life questions that you don’t actually have a logical answer for? What about why doesn’t my snoring wake me up? Or do dogs recognise their own reflections? Well here to answer those very questions from a scientific perspective is Dr. Chris Smith and his wonderfully clever team. As they pick up calls from the general public, you can listen in on expert explanations that will give you that ‘aha’ moment you’ve been looking for.

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TED Talks Daily

There’s something about TED talks that makes every subject sound interesting…Want to learn about the medical potential of artificial intelligence? Or what about how you can turn climate anxiety into action? Well, with this podcast you can expect thought-provoking speeches to get your noggin churning. Delivered by curious thinkers and innovative creators, whether it’s a topic you’re familiar with or not, you’re guaranteed to finish listening feeling inspired.

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The Conversation

Wanna feel empowered? Stand up tall with your arms on your hips like a superhero, OH, and listen to this podcast! Incredible women around the word take you on a journey of suffering, learning and fighting to change the game on critical issues impacting our communities. You can expect to hear from women on a mission to bust period taboos, empower female mathematicians and end child marriage.

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Educational facts

No Such Thing As A Fish

Hilarious and witty, this podcast turns bizarre facts into serious knowledge as the writers of popular TV show ‘QI’ deliver the strangest and most interesting things they’ve recently discovered. Although you may start off thinking “the world is literally insane”, after a few episodes you’ll be top of the leader board in your next virtual pub quiz!

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Snacks minute

Do you ever wish you’d be interested enough to delve into the Financial Times, but cba for all the jargon (and the reading…)? Well, this podcast is a lovely little cheat! While it’s not quite as detailed as the FT, it’s certainly a good enough dose of information delivered in super digestible bit-sized nuggets. There’s also a sister podcast Snacks Daily, that offers a little more clarity on those top stories for all the keeno’s out there.

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Get personal over food

Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster

Get ready to belly laugh for the next hour as comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster invite you to their very own snazzy podcast restaurant. The pair ask each of their guests to pick their favourite starter, main course, side dish, dessert and drink that they’d order at a dream restaurant. As the guests explain their very tasty (and some very rogue) choices, they let you in on the stories and inspiration behind them. These conversations are honest, bold and worth every second of listening.

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Table Manners with Jessie Ware

Singer-songwriter Jessie Ware and her cooking queen mum open their kitchen table to guests, whilst interviewing them about their past, present and future journeys. You’ll hear about heartbreak, pain, growth and healing from some very interesting people thriving in their industry – think Sadiq Khan, Stefflon Don and Emilia Clarke. The conversations are hearty, heart-warming and incredibly genuine – they make you feel like you’re having a tea and hobnob with some good old friends.

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Sleep well tonight

#The CALM & COZY podcast

In the Calm & Cozy podcast, sleep and self-care coach Beth Wyatt breaks down the stressors keeping you awake at night in less than 20 minutes. Beth offers a practical approach to falling asleep as she guides you through simple hacks aimed at changing your bedtime perspective and building a better sleep environment. I’d recommend listening to this podcast earlier in the day, as it’s a podcast for talking about sleep rather than putting you to sleep. So open up your notebook and get ready to plan your night-time Z’s.

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Nothing Much Happens

Let’s be honest, you’re never too grown for a storybook – especially when there’s magic involved! Nothing Much Happens shares slow and soothing bedtime tales read by Yoga and meditation teacher Kathryn Nicolai. The pace of the stories help to steady your thoughts and Kathryn’s soft tone relaxes your mind into a state of sleepiness, so by the time the half an hour tale is over, you’ll be drifting off in your cosy bed…

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How to mature well

LuAnna: The Podcast

From crunchy toenails to poo hacks, girlfriends, mummies and hardworking ladies Luisa Zissman and Anna Williamson chat through their latest antics and bold opinions that they’re more than happy to disclose. Although it’s just the two of them, this podcast is more than entertaining and will !00% cheer you up on a rainy day. It’s adult chat that makes you feel better about life, yourself and all the things you do in secret – you’ll walk away feeling not so afraid to fart in public.

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Happy Mum, Happy Baby

Author, parent and wife to McFly’s Tom Fletcher, Giovanna Fletcher chats about parenthood with well-known personalities who are also mums or dads. Alesha Dixon, Chris Ramsey and Frankie Bridge are just a few of the guests to open up about their personal experiences on becoming a parent and raising children. Giovanna and her guests have candid, down to earth conversations that will make you appreciate those who have looked after you, or ponder what may be in your future.

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