Recipes to try in lockdown

Want to try a little something different during lockdown? Feeling a bit peckish or just want to test out your baking skills? Then here are some of our favourite recipes by some of the most epic food bloggers!

1. Chocolate and date brownies Via @goldentiffin

It’s time to fill your sweet-tooth cravings with a good old chocolate indulgence. An easy and quick recipe by Thahmina (Goldentiffin) to keep your stomach satisfied, but these aren’t your average chocolate brownies. Adding a twist to your palate, these brownies are made with extra love, adding dates to bring a kick of natural sweetness to the table. Baking just got a little more adventurous, why don’t you give it a whip and try it out?!

2. Rhubarb and Orange gluten free cake Via @Zaraskitchenuk

A tangy and fruity twist, get your taste buds dancing with this stunning gluten free Rhubarb and orange cake. For our gluten free lovers, this is the perfect recipe. A light and easy step by step follow through by (zaraskitchenuk). Set the dinner table with a classic dessert that’ll guide your taste buds into spongy goodness.

3. Berry Buckwheat Pancakes via @thefoodmedic

Back to basics… we don’t think so, these berry buckwheat pancakes are a light and hearty touch to your Sunday brunches. Why wait for the weekend though? Make lockdown weekdays more fun with this delicious pancake recipe. Fluffy and light, keeping you away from snacking and leaving you full for longer. We love a simple pancake treat, so get your whisks at the ready and make every day- pancake day!

4. Oat and chocolate banana bread cookies Via @foodsofjane

Move aside banana bread, because these banana bread cookies take the win- a soft and and chocolatey texture that will leave you wanting more. Get your baking gloves on and try something a little different. Who doesn’t love a bit of banana bread? But this recipe brings a new twist to it, an adventurous take on the classic banana bread we all love.

So, here’s your chance for put your baking and cooking skills to the test during lockdown- pick up on new tips and tricks during this lockdown period and have some fun with it. Share your clicks when in lockdown and don’t forget to tag us

Happy Quarantining!

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