A freshers' guide: managing your money

So you’re starting uni or heading back to uni… but you’re not that great at managing your money. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and the only way is (hopefully) up! To take away the stresses of managing your money, we’ve got some helpful tips and tricks to keep things on track, to make sure you can get the most out of your Freshers experience. If things start to get a little stressful, we’ve also got some stress busting tips for you here.

So, back to the money:

1. Keep on track

Make sure you’ve got everything you need to keep track of where you’re at with your spending. Break it down so that you know what you’re weekly, or daily budget is and stick to it… which is the hard part. Nowadays there are plenty of apps that help with this. My personal favourite is Monzo, which gives your notifications of your spending with quick and fast updates on how much money you have left for the month. Give this a read to find out about others apps that’ll help you manage your money.

2. Cook in bulk

It might take up all of your Sunday, but the rewards will be worth it. Not only will you have lots of tasty food ready to eat, it’ll also save you alot of money. It’s time to resist temptation for another Nando’s. If you’re thinking about going vegan, we’ve got some top tips for finding cheap vegan food. The options are endless! Keep an eye on our Food section on The Edit for the latest on all things food and drink.

3. Get the most out of UNiDAYS

You might not know it yet, but we have all the student discounts. Keep checking back for boosted discounts from all your fave brands across all things fashion, food, technology, beauty and more!

4. Don’t splurge straight away

When your loan drops you might think you’re a baller but trust me, it won’t last long. Try to resist splurging all your money on the latest PlayStation or designer trainers… you’ve gotta try and make a little go a long way and your parents won’t appreciate you constantly ringing them to tell them you’ve run out of money again.

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