4 Valentine's Day sweet treats

People always say that homemade gifts are the most thoughtful, so why not bake for your Valentine or BFF this year? Not only do these often cost less than buying a gift, they are a little more personal!

1. DIY Jammie Dodgers

Jammie Dodgers are a classic biscuit, these Valentine’s appropriate ones would make a nice gift in a box or tin and they're just so damn tasty. Plus, you can personalise them even down to the flavour of the jam, just choose your bae's favourite flavour. This recipe is from Jane's Patisserie and you can find it in full, here.

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2. Raspberry meringue kisses

These super easy meringue kisses look really effective in a glass jar. You could use any colour gel food colouring for these, perhaps try their favourite colour for a really personal touch or even mix and match with a few batches and some different colours. Thanks to Domestic Gothess for this one!

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3. Candy cane lollipops

Post-Christmas is a fantastic time to pick up lower-priced candy canes, so why not grab some and make these adorable lollipops? Cheap and seriously cute. Check out this BBC Good Food recipe for the know-how!

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4. Cake pops

Cake pops are one of those treats that make ideal gifts. Use their favourite flavour chocolate, or if you have a particular colour in mind, pick up some candy melts from Hobbycraft to make life even easier.

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And don't forget to get your sticks whilst you're at it. You can save 10% at Hobbycraft on all your goodies!

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