15 things you can do to feel good this January

Many of us are going into 2021 with mixed feelings and that hasn't been made any easier by the announcement of another national lockdown. Some of us might be feeling apprehensive, some hopeful and others not knowing what to think! January is a notoriously hard month, even in usual circumstances, but there are many ways to make January more joyful. Here are some ways to help you feel good through these hard times:

1. Take up a new hobby

Trying something new can break the monotony of your days and it gives you something to look forward to. So whether you want to try photography or crocheting or want to become a plant parent, the possibilities are endless.

2. Make a feel good playlist

Music has the power to change anyone’s mood, so make a playlist exclusively featuring your favourite feel good tunes so you can have a good sing and dance and lift your spirits.

3. Learn something

A new language? A TikTok dance? How to make homemade candles? Whatever it is, learning something new can give you a purpose and a sense of satisfaction.

4. Make plans (even if they’re virtual)

Not having plans can make you feel down, but just because you can’t be with people physically doesn’t mean you can’t make plans. You could try a virtual cocktail or games night and give you something to look forward to.

5. Read!

Reading can transport anyone into any world and that’s exactly what we need sometimes, especially when the news is always so heavy.

6. Start journaling

Whether it’s a bullet journal or gratitude journal, writing down what’s going on in your mind can really help make sense of your thoughts, especially if they feel overwhelming.

7. Cook a new recipe

Mindful cooking, which is cooking without any distractions, can be really great for helping you feel more grounded.

8. Do a workout

All of us can do with a strong injection of endorphins right now and there’s no better way than getting a good workout in. Even if it’s something gentle like going for a walk or doing some gentle stretches from YouTube can be a real mood lifter.

9. Get dressed up for no reason

One thing everyone is missing out on is having an excuse to get all dressed up, but it’s time to make our own rules to get dressed up and sometimes that reason is no reason at all!

10. Meditate

It’s scientifically proven that even meditating for a few minutes a day can reduce stress and anxiety, so why not give it a go? You can download apps like Headspace or Calm for guided meditations.

11. Rewatch your favourite series

There’s always a new TV series to watch but there’s no greater feeling than watching something you know already brings you joy.

12. Call a friend or family member

Connecting with someone you care about can really help make you feel better and that’s only been made more apparent this past year.

13. Do something nice for someone else

It’s been proven that when we perform an act of kindness for someone else, it helps us to feel better too. So why not send a surprise gift, write a letter or lend a hand to someone you know.

14. Reduce your screen time

This past year I’m sure we’ve all seen our screen time dramatically increase, but give your eyes and your mind a break and dedicate some time in your day away from screens.

15. Give yourself a break

This past year has been hard and you shouldn’t expect yourself to be as productive as usual. Don’t be so hard on yourself and carve out time to just breathe.

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