6 burger recipes you need in your life

Any food themed day is all good with me because it's an excuse to eat delicious treats and check out exciting recipes. Here are six incredible burger recipes, both meaty and veggie that you will love! Check out the rest of our food obsessions over on our Nom Central! Pinterest board!

1. Thai style turkey burgers

There's something different about a chicken or turkey burger that I really like. It's just a totally different way to eat white meat and the flavours can really be awesome. Take these Thai style turkey burgers for example! Turkey takes on flavours in a great way and aromatic Thai spices work so well. Turkey is also really low in fat and can be a great swap for beef if you're trying to be a little healthier with your burger choices. These are also super duper easy as all you do is combine turkey mince, spring onions, ginger, chilli, an egg yolk and some coriander and you have tasty patties! Cook these bad boys off and make sure they're done all the way through before serving on a ciabatta roll with plenty of sweet chilli sauce.

2. Joe Wicks' McLeanie Burger

Another beef-alternative burger coming your way! Joe Wicks, a.k.a The Body Coach is famous for his tasty and healthy recipes that don't feel like you're not treating yourself. We are totally down with that! This burger is a basically a different seasoned version of the above but it doesn't hurt to have some new inspiration for toppings!

3. Halloumi burger

I feel like beef-lovers are going to be hating on me so far in this post but I promise I'm getting to it a little bit later. I wanted to kick off with some beef alternatives (which I have!) and now I'm moving on to full on veggie burger. By veggie I mean suitable for vegetarians because this bad boy is well and truly 100% cheese. Served with red pepper houmous and salad this fresh addition to your recipe books should be welcomed with open arms.

4. Drunken Aussie burgers

I told you we'd get to the beef! This 'Drunken Aussie' burger is somethin' else. This is a powerhouse of a dish. Packed full of a juicy beef burger patty, crispy bacon, caramelised pineapple, melted cheese, fried onion rings, sweet beetroot, ripened tomatoes and a fried egg. This is ultimate food porn.

5. Elvis burger

These aren't your average burgers. With a few added ingredients into the patties they're given a whole new flavour. This recipe adds parmesan, red chilli, tarragon, nutmeg, mustard and onion in with the beef so it's a bit of a different take on your average burger and we have Jamie Oliver to thank for that.

6. Katsu chicken burger

Let's finish things off with a tasty fried chicken burger. Just because they're my favourite. I'll probably always choose a fried chicken burger over a beef burger because I just love the crispy-ness and the juicy chicken! Now this guy is a little different to your average chicken burger too because it's a spiced katsu version! With added curry powder in the batter and the chicken marinade this is a spicy change up to your average fried chicken treat.

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