Beetlejuice & other SPOOKY Halloween cocktails

1. Beetlejuice

Although you don’t need to repeat its name for the cocktail to appear, you’ll certainly want go for a Beetlejuice… and then a Beetlejuice… and then another Beetlejuice by the time your Halloween cocktail party is in full swing. Fruit flavored and vodka based, this drink will have you calling for the tally man and dancing the day-o away.

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2. Boozy Butterbeer

No ~spooky~ cocktail list can be complete without the magical and mystical butterbeer. You’ll want to party like a house-elf when you add in butterscotch schnapps and vanilla vodka! Just remember to not grab your broom buzzed, get a portkey home.

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3. Morgue-a-rita

Feeling like death doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Have a frightfully good time as you sip on this cherry infused margarita. Blood red and ready to party, this drink will give you the courage to monster mash the night away (or maybe even wake the dead).

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4. Hocus Pocus Fizz

Bubble, bubble, you’re in trouble! You better stop the things you do as this drink will put a spell on you. No need to worry about the Sanderson Sisters stealing your soul, although the delightful fizz will make you feel as if that’s already in progress. Lovelier than hell, you can make it with or without alcohol.

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5. Red Apple Cider Sangria

Nothing says Halloween (or rather Hallowine) like a nice sangria. Have time for all your tricks and treats, as a the recipe allows you to make the drink a few days before. Make enough for a whole coven or maybe just enough for you and your best witches. Whatever you decide, you’ll certainly have a scary good time.

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6. Infected Brain Cocktail

Not every cocktail can have a game made of it. Turn the lights off and the blacklights on and watch the brains glow. Feel as if you’re a member of the Walking Dead, waiting to see if your time is up. Whether you’re using a brain mold or a regular ice tray, everyone will be positively glowing.

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7. Poison Apple Cocktail

Magic mirror on the wall, will this cocktail be the envy of all? The answer to that is an absolute yes! Both sweet and sour, this packs a punch that even the most wicked of witches won’t be able to pass on. Make a toast to the ghouls and goblins in your life as you pop the bubbly to top it all off.

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8. The Liquified Ghost

This easy-to-make drink will have you feeling like the friendliest ghost at the party. Forego the ghostbusters in favor of a cocktail shaker to keep this ghost contained. A boozy take on a family favorite, the milkshake-like drink will have you asking where the (undead) boys in your yard came from.

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9. Jekyll & Gin

By day, the Jekyll & Gin is nothing more than your run of the mill Gin Daisy but by night… the drink begins to glow. Turn the lights back on for a touch of elegance or keep them off and give into your vices (a little party never killed nobody).

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10. Vampire Kiss Martini

Do you have dreams of Dracula? Ever wonder what it’d be like to run with Edward in a forest? Always wanted to have an interview with Lestat? With just one sip of this, feel as if you’ve been kissed by the vampire of your dreams. The champagne base adds a touch of old-world glamour and making the drink is far from a pain in the neck.

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11. The Pennywise

Unlike its truly terrifying namesake, you won’t have nightmares about this drink. You’ll want to float too as you finish off the garish clown garnish. Garnishes not your thing? Grab your losers club and banish them to the sewers. The only downside, the turtle won’t be able to help you with how you feel in the morning (but a greasy burger might).

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12. Bride of Frankenstein

In the wise words of Frankenstein’s Monster, “Alone, bad. Friend, good.” This drink is too good not to share, whether it be for a Halloween party or just with your besties. Feel like Dr. Frankenstein when you add in blackberry jam and vanilla syrup for a light and sweet cocktail. You’ll be screaming “They’re alive!” as the drink tickles your tastebuds.

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13. Purple People Eater

You don’t need to have one-eye, one-horn, or the ability to fly to enjoy this. After all, eatin’ purple people sure is fine but having a purple people eater will bless your soul and make you want to listen to rock and roll. Trade the cranberry juice for cran-grape (or just grape juice) to shake things up and break away from your go-to base.

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Disclaimer: Please drink responsibly! All of these cocktails can be made without liquor for sober fun!

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