4 low-key ways to celebrate Halloween on a Tuesday

Here for the BOOS!

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that Halloween is almost here! And the bad news… well the bad news is that this year Halloween is on a Tuesday. Yes, yes, I know. It’s not what any of us want but it’s happening and hey, at least it’s not on a Monday. That being said, you’ll still have the “Halloweekend” before to have as much spooktacular fun as you can handle.

If you’re like me, you’ll go all out for Halloween no matter WHAT day it falls on. If you’re not like me… then this is probably the list for you. After all, you can still join in the spirit of the season even if you’re not covered head to toe in fake blood or green paint.

1. Time to exorcise… I mean accessorize

The absolute easiest way you can embody Halloween without really making people turn heads, is accessorizing an everyday outfit. Perhaps you just want to add a little flair to your backpack. ASOS has an excellent selection of novelty pins that’ll make your bag a scream. If pins aren’t your thing, why not pumpkin spice up your bag with a cute little lotion holder or spider keychain from Claire’s? If you’re more Wednesday Addams than Casper the Friendly Ghost, then the burnished silver skeleton keyring from ASOS is a great addition for Halloween or even everyday use.

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The perfect balance of subtle and spooky, the Vinca Show and Spell studs from Modcloth will prepare you to speak to the dead without having to carry a ouija board around campus. You can fulfill your Frankenstein fantasies but leave the green paint at home with an adorable stitch choker from Boohoo. If for some reason you’ve been cursed by a wicked witch and have a presentation on Halloween, ASOS has some pretty amazing cufflinks to help you go from trick to a treat.

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As you’ve probably figured out by now, ASOS could be your one stop shop for Halloween; whether you need unicorn skeleton socks or a fanged beanie that can demonstrate your mood all year round. Along with these amazingly batty socks from Modcloth or a pair of skeleton gloves from ASOS, there’s no reason not to outfit yourself from your head to your toes.

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2. If you’ve got it, haunt it.

Maybe you’ve realized you’re not an accessory kind of person or perhaps you want something that is a little less subtle than a nod to Halloween. Either way, expressing yourself through clothes rather than costumes seems to be the route for you. Both Boohoo and ASOS have a wide range of options (both in size and clothing variety) to fit any and all needs. If you’re pulling a Scott McCall and running late to practice, throw on this uber comfortable Teen Wolf T-Shirt Dress to keep a casual cute. Group costumes are a hassle and far from subtle, however the Best Witches Crop allows you to keep squad goals strong without trying too hard.

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3. Resting Witch Face

A great alternative to clothing or accessories for the spooky season is giving ~lewks~ via your hair or makeup routine. Red vampire lips are both a Halloween and fall staple so you won’t seem out of place no matter what your day has in store. To give a nod to Jack Skellington and get out of a makeup rut, move the makeup from your face to your hand for this skele-fun look. The best thing about both these options, and any other ones that pique your interest, is that you can use products from Lime Crime to achieve them.

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The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the words “Halloween Hair” is the Bride of Frankenstein. While you can certainly rock that look, it’s far from subtle. Pharmapacks has a fabulous assortment of temporary hair color sprays as well as general hair products for you to achieve whatever look you’re going for that day.

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4. Eat, drink, and be scary.

Rather than expressing your love of the season through makeup or clothing, you can use your food and drink as a way to show you’re celebrating (without really showing). While sadly we’re all too old to trick-or-treat, we’re also old enough to buy whatever candy or Halloween treats our hearts desire. Instead of going to the store and battling the moms trying to get that last minute candy before the trick-or-treaters arrive, you can get your candy from Pharmapacks. Pharmapacks also offers baking supplies so that you can Martha Stewart your lunch (if you can’t make a mummy dog for Halloween, when can you make one?).

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Nothing says fall like drinking from a mason jar. They’re useful for drinking anything from your morning smoothie to the blood of your enemies. Show a subtle level of spooky with a skeleton mason jar from Claire’s. Continue to keep the spirit of Halloween alive as you unwind for the day with a nice cheese platter and bottle of wine. Use the FooDoo Doll to hold your toothpicks as you uncork your wine with the skeleton corkscrew from Modcloth.

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