Top 5 real-talk student travel hacks

As a student, you'll probably hear the phrase ‘the world is your oyster’ quite a lot. As cringeworthy as it may sound, it's not wrong! With more free time and holidays, being a student is the ideal time to let yourself be bitten by the travel bug again and again. And with my tips and tricks you'll be able to travel and still afford to eat next term. Winner!

1. Plan where you want to go and book early

Travel prices can vary wildly, so whilst it might be tempting to pick a destination out of a hat and book the next flight there, planning in advance and researching travel costs early could save you heaps of money to put to better use on your adventures. Or if cash is super tight, consider alternative transport. Planes aren't the only way to get where you want to go, trains can be a great money saving option, opening you up to loads of destinations, especially across Europe.

2. Live cheap and plan ahead

Once you've got your destination sorted, with the right sort of planning and research it’s not all that hard to explore somewhere on the cheap. Swap out expensive hotels to stay in a hostel, get chatting to locals to see if they can recommend any cheap eats or hidden gems. Do your research on any activities you want to do beforehand, as there's always a chance of a discount if you book in advance, and if you're travelling with friends it never hurts to see if you can get a bit of money off with a group booking! Planning ahead of your trip not only keeps the excitement running high, but makes sure you're going to make your days jam packed.

3. Volunteer

Volunteering can be a great way to travel on the cheap, and will provide you with an invaluable experience, doubling up as a holiday and CV booster! Volunteers often get free accommodation, and days off can be used for exploring. Research volunteer opportunities in areas you're passionate about, or places you'd like to visit, and use your travels to give a little back.

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4. Pack smart

If you're backpacking or jumping from hostel to hostel, you won't want to be carrying half of your wardrobe on your back. Be realistic with how much you need to pack (come on, we both know you don't really need to take 7 pairs of shoes), and make sure your luggage fits any restrictions set by travel companies. You can never go wrong with a lightweight but waterproof coat, and some comfy shoes. Maybe put together a makeshift first aid kit, fully stocked with plasters, bandages and bug spray, and don't forget your toiletries!

5. Have fun, and go see everything!

Okay, maybe not everything, but go and enjoy! Visit the places that excite and interest you, embrace the culture and environment, and make the most of your travel time, making sure you snap some good Insta-worthy shots along the way, #nofilter anyone?

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