Top 6 party destinations in Asia

Are you dreaming about your next travel adventure? Longing for a getaway with some serious party action? Wondering what the best destinations are for really letting loose and sinking those beers with your pals in the sunshine?

Well don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Having travelled extensively around Asia, we are confident that we’ve scouted out the very best party hotspots perfect for your next exploit. In no particular order, here are six party destinations in Asia that we couldn’t get enough of.

1. Khao San Road in Bangkok

The original budget backpacker party haven and for good reason. This action packed strip, lined with more bars and clubs than you can shake a stick at has got everything you need to get your party on. Take your pick from funky live music to dirty drum and bass beats and everything in between. The cold beers and exotic cocktails are cheap and plentiful. You can even jump right into the culture here (or dare your mate to) and get yourself a tasty handful of roasted creepy crawlies from one of the food stalls to keep energy levels up. Trust us, the scorpions aren’t half bad!

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2. Underground Chiang Mai Scene

Next up is the (kind of illegal) underground Chiang Mai party scene. You see there’s an 11pm alcohol service curfew in this area of Thailand which bars and clubs adhere to. Outwardly at least. So head out early and get yourself down to ‘Zoe in Yellow’ and ‘Reggae Roots’ for some drinks and dancing shenanigans in the street. The popular local drink, Samsong, is a rum-like spirit perfect for getting down with Bob Marley. Get the low-down here on where the after parties are, because behind the closed shutters of bars and coffee shops all over the city there are parties going on until the early hours. Maybe it’s the rebels in us but we loved it here.

3. Pub Corner in Hanoi

Ahhh! What a great spot this is. There’s something culturally quite different in Vietnam whereby it’s completely socially acceptable to get your beer on from mid-afternoon. From when bars start placing their small plastic stools out into the streets, to when everyone has had enough, this area of the city is buzzing with life. The service is incredible and in most places, you’ve barely sat down before you have a beer in front of you. Our favourite was a tiny house/bar with only 8 seats, where 30p beers were poured directly from a barrel on the owner’s living room floor. It was just the best. And you got that, right? The beers were 30p!

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4. Pub Street in Siem Reap

This aptly named, popular spot in Cambodia is pumping every night of the week, as multi-level bars lining the road throw down tune after tune. There’s even a skate park on the top floor of one of the bars! If the ‘permanent’ drink holes aren’t enough for your party-loving self, there are even portable bars making their way up and down the road. By this, we literally mean a drinks trolley on wheels with speakers attached. How mad is that? And the best bit - you get to pick your own tunes. So if the other music on offer doesn’t float your boat, get your favourite Spotify playlist hooked up and boogie on down.

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5. 7 Eleven Parties in Hong Kong

Naturally, there are plenty of extremely swanky and expensive bars in this top notch city. But the budget backpacker scene here has found a cool little work around and we think it’s one of the best party vibes going. If you’ve ever travelled in Asia before you’ll be familiar with 7-Elevens, if not they are basically convenience shops that are everywhere. So what do you do? Get yourself down to the busy bar area of Lan Kwai Fong and pick up some beers on the cheap and party away. The bars are open fronted and crammed to overflowing making the perfect atmosphere for a street party. It really is a genius idea.

6. Laowai Street in Shanghai

This in-demand party hotspot literally translates as ‘Foreigner Street’ due to its popularity with the expat crowd here. The quirky bars house lots of dancing, laughter and happy hour drinks offers. It’s not a late place mind as there are residential flats above the bars, so most places start winding down around 10pm. But that’s not an issue if you still have some dollar and you want to continue the party. Just hop on one of the many waiting motorbike taxis and head on down to the nearby jumping club scene for some top rate dance music.

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