The December hotlist

Last month I gave you guys a little run down of all the things I was getting up to throughout November and as we’re now in December, a month that happens to be packed full of fun stuff I thought I’d throw a little list your way again.

Once again there’s something for everyone, from the music lovers to the fashion followers, I’ve picked out some of my favourite things to get involved with this festive season.

What to read

Science(ish) Rick Edwards

Ever watched films like Jurassic Park and The Matrix and thought, is that really possible? Science(ish) is a funny take on the science behind the movies and looks into what’s right, what’s wrong and what’s just laughable. The book is pretty much a follow on from his podcast, so if you’re already a Rick Edwards fan, you’ll love the book too!

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What to wear


Redwings have to be the ultimate winter boot. Sure they’re a little bit pricey but these are gonna last a lifetime. Redwing have been in business since 1905 and each pair of boots is still individually checked before being sold with a little note showing who signed your boots off! Pair these with a dark blue or black pair of skinny jeans and a checked flannel shirt for ultimate hipster woodsman points.

What to watch


Another Netflix original that just hits the nail on the head. Starring Jason Bateman, Ozark features all the rough stuff you’d expect from a gritty crime series including: money laundering, mexican drug lords, shady cops and the old killing too. There’s only 10 episodes and 1 series so expect to make progress on this bad boy fairly quickly!

What to stream

Nothing Nowhere - Reaper

Nothing Nowhere aka Joseph Mulherin is an American rapper that mixes traditional hip hop sounds with post modern rock creating a rap-emo hybrid vibe. He’s just dropped his first album, Reaper which features a consistent strung out, tense vibe with a couple of twists and turns throughout the different songs featured. It’s pretty seamless stuff and makes for easy listening in a bit of a twisted way.

What to eat

Greggs Festive Bake

I mean, the food gods have helped us all out with this one. I’d call Greggs my guilty pleasure but it’s absolutely not a secret that I love this delicious pastry palace. I’m a massive fan of a Christmas sandwich but the Festive Bake is next level goodness. It’s packed full of chicken breast, stuffing, bacon and cranberry sauce and then wrapped in the classic Greggs puff pastry and it’s all yours for just £1.50!

I might be biased but the December Hotlist is looking pretty good from where I’m standing and I couldn’t be more excited to work through the line up this December. I’m loving sharing these lists with you guys and will be back next month to share a new year inspired January rundown.

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