The November hotlist

As the nights are drawing in life is all about comfort. Whether that’s being in the comfort of your own home binge-watching a new series or getting out with your other half grabbing some comfort food. I’ve thought about all things I’ll be doing over the next month that are gonna help me forget about the cold weather and the dark mornings and I’ve put those together in what we’ll call the November Hotlist!

What to read - Lies

I have to be honest, I’m not normally a big reader but I wanted to give fiction another chance and Lies is a really easy to read, fast-paced thriller. It’s set in the current year so for those of us turned off by ye olde talke, hath no fear… this book is super easy to get on with. There’s plenty of twists and turns and each chapter is kept short and straight into the action.

What to wear - Aviator Jacket

I’m loving this River Island aviator jacket. Let’s face it, a real aviator jacket is out of most people’s price range but this little number gives you all the style and comfort at a fraction of the price. It’s slightly lighter than a traditional aviator meaning you can layer up with jumpers as the weather gets even colder.

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What to watch - Mindhunter

Mindhunter is a seriously chilling Netflix original series. It’s based on the true crime book with the same title that looks into some of America’s most terrifying serial killers. The show follows two FBI agents that interviewed prisoners in order to try and understand why they did what they did and to then use that information in future cases. I’ll stop there as I don’t want to give anyway any spoilers but you definitely need to give this a go!

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What to stream - Foo Fighters: Concrete & Gold

You can rely on Foo Fighters to deliver some seriously good music and their new album delivers on every front. I’m a big fan of the classic dark and grungy sounds that feature on most Foo Fighter tracks, coupled with fast paced sections and clever lyrics. This is all over my Spotify this month.

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What to eat - The Botanist Sunday Roast

We’ve just had The Botanist open in Nottingham and I can’t get enough of the place. As the weather gets colder all I want is a proper British sunday roast dinner and The Botanist serves a pretty epic one. Top tip is to go for the slow cooked belly pork with apple sauce and stuffing balls on the side!

There we have it guys, my November Hotlist packed full of everything my November is all about. Hopefully you guys like the list and I’ll pop back next month and give you my December run down too!

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