All the ways your laptop will help you survive freshers

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Your relationship with your laptop at uni is probably one of the most important you’ll have. You’ll soon realise that you come to rely on it as much as any parent of significant other. It is there for you on the long nights of writing essays and it’s there for the laughs and tears when you’re having a movie marathon. So, it's fair to say that having a good laptop at uni is vital! Dell know this, which is why they’re giving you 10% off with your UNiDAYS account, so if you’re looking for a new laptop to start uni with, look no further. We’ve broken down all the reasons your laptop needs to be THE best to help you survive freshers.

The perfect lecture companion

In your first few lectures you’ll probably be sitting there looking like this:


Making the leap from school or college to uni can feel a bit overwhelming early on. At first, you won’t know which bit of the lecture is important and you’ll want to try and get down as much info as possible, which isn’t always easy when you’re making hand-written notes. Taking a laptop makes this so much easier and you can even search for stuff you don’t understand while the lecture is happening!

If you go for Dell’s new laptop for 2019, the XPS 15, which is the world’s smallest 15.6-inch performance laptop, you’ll have no problem carrying it around with you from lecture to lecture, because of its light (it only weighs 1.8kg!) and portable design (a slim 11-17mm), as well as it’s long battery life! It’s been cut from a single block of aluminium to ensure lightness and strength, too.

It can help you get some much needed me-time

Meeting lots of new people, being in a completely new environment and having lots of new experiences is great, but we all need a little time for ourselves, especially during freshers. So when you’ve decided to give yourself a night, or day, off you’ll need a laptop that can deliver when it comes to entertainment.

Thanks to Dell Cinema, which comes with the entire XPS range, you can now enjoy your latest TV obsession in even higher quality. With CinemaColour you’ll be experiencing visuals that appear as lifelike as the world around you, so it’ll feel like you’re in Hawkins when you’re binge watching the latest season of Stranger Things. On top of this, CinemaSound means you’ll experience studio quality sound and CinemaStream channels maximum bandwidth for a stutter-free experience. A new feature for 2019 is the 4K OLED display, which contains 4x’s the detail, compared to a normal full-HD display. So it doesn’t matter if you’re more Euphoria or Queer Eye, you can enjoy your watching in the perfect conditions. All you have to do is stop your flatmates wanting to join too!

It’s not just about watching stuff either. The new XPS 15 can be equipped with an 8-core i9-9980HK processor and GTX 1650 graphics, which can easily handle video editing, photoshop, and light gaming! If you’re more of a hardcore gamer, check out Dell’s Gaming G-series if you’re gaming on a budget, or Alienware gaming laptops for high-performance gaming and an immersive experience.

Somewhere to store all your new memories

Freshers is all about making memories; from making new friends to crazy nights out or cosy nights in, and you want to make sure you’ve captured every minute. So it’s less than ideal when your phone keeps telling you that your memory is full. Well, with the XPS range, not only can you get up to 1000GB of SSD storage, but it has seamless PC/smartphone integration and easy transfer, which means you can quickly move photos, videos, music and documents from PCs to Android phones, and vice-versa, without having to worry about cloud storage or a bunch of cables.

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Keep in touch with everyone

For a lot of us, going to uni is the first time living away from home and no matter how much you’re enjoying freshers, it’s always nice to see a familiar face. The new XPS 15 has a revolutionary webcam that delivers sharp video in all areas of the frame, which means you can give a great tour of your new digs, even in dim lighting conditions. The advanced noise reduction feature also means you can have a good catch up with family and see how your friends are settling in, without any muffled sound.

If you’re planning on buying a laptop for uni, don’t forget to use your UNiDAYS discount for 10% off!

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