7 reasons you’ll want to get your hands on Dell’s XPS 13 Laptop

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There’s nothing worse than turning up to uni with your battered, old laptop and being scared that it could crash out at any time from mid-essay to, even worse, in the middle of a Netflix marathon. That’s where Dell’s XPS 13 comes in! We’ve finally found a laptop that manages to keep up with student life. Plus, Dell also offer Paypal instalments as a payment option, so you don't have to worry about paying for your laptop in one go. Winner!

1. It’s the world’s smallest 13-inch laptop

Don’t break your back trying to carry your hefty laptop from your halls, to lectures and back again. The XPS gives you a full 13 inches but it’s smaller, thinner and lighter than any other out there at the moment! That means you can still make notes even whilst sitting at teeny tiny desks in your lecture hall.

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2. Watching your fave shows will never be the same

Let’s be real. The main use for your laptop is probably binge-watching your favourite TV series. Imagine binging on the final season of Game Of Thrones on a laptop that makes you feel like you’re actually in Westeros. Well thanks to Dell Cinema you can! Dell’s CinemaColour means you can enjoy a screen where the brighter whites, deeper blacks and richer colour will make you feel like you’re in the thick of the action. Dell’s CinemaSound uses Waves MaxxAudio® Pro so you can experience studio-quality sound. We can’t forget CinemaStream either, which gives you the maximum bandwidth to have a stutter-free experience, just to complete the whole viewing process!

3. It looks good

You could have the best laptop in the world but if it looks clunky, you won’t want to get it out anywhere. Well, you don’t need to worry about that with the XPS 13. The laptop is sleek and it has a stain-resistant coating which will prevent yellowing so it’ll stay looking fresh.

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4. It has a battery that actually lasts

Forget battling other laptop users for plugs in coffee shops, because this laptop gives you up to 19 hours and 46 mins of battery life! In fact, it probably lasts way longer than any of your study sessions so you don’t need to worry about that.

5. It makes things simple

This laptop has the ability to unlock with its secure facial recognition tech and it responds to your voice so you can make the most out of Microsoft Cortana. It’s no fun having to learn your way around a new piece of tech, but the XPS makes all it so simple.

6. You can unite your devices

Connecting your smartphone to your laptop has never been easier. With Dell Mobile Connect you can pair your iOS or Android device with your laptop and have the option to channel notifications from phone calls, SMS, IMs and other apps right to your laptop, so you won’t have to flit from screen to screen.

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7. It’s eco-friendly!

Being eco-wise might not be something you think about when buying a laptop, but it’s more important than ever that we consider these things when making any purchase. Let’s start with the packaging. 25% of the black packaging trays are materials collected directly from coastal areas and the other 75% is made up of recycled plastics. On top of all that, 90% of the laptop’s parts can be recycled or reused, so you can rest a little easier knowing your next big purchase is doing its bit for the planet!

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