Top 5 gadgets for every fresher

Have you freshers done your gadget check? You start uni soon and you want to be sure that you’ve got all the necessary tech you need to start your academic year off correctly!

1. Smartphone

First thing’s first, there are a range of different smartphones you could buy so make sure you get the one that’s best suited for you. For example if you’re into photography then try searching for the phone with the highest spec camera. Or if you want to use your phone to do work on, think about getting a smartphone with a large screen. An image GIF Source

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2. Laptop/Mac

If you prefer working on a much larger screen (and a lot of us do) then it’s time to invest in a new laptop or Mac. Again be sure to check the spec of each model you look at and find one that suits you and your needs. An image GIF Source

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3. Headphones

A very vital piece of tech for those morning commutes or train journeys back home. Keep that noise out and the music turned all the way up with a pair of headphones or even treat yoself to a pair of wireless headphones! An image GIF Source

4. Speakers

If you’re the life of the party, or just the DJ then having some small, loud and reliable speakers is very necessary.

GIF Source You can find our list of our top 4 speakers for house parties or even if you feel like having a party all by yourself

5. Smart watch/Fitbit

This isn’t crucial, but for you guys who like to calculate steps and just keep active in general then a smartwatch or a Fitbit would be a great gadget for you to have.

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