5 ways the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series makes student life easier

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Contrary to popular belief, student life isn’t all missing lectures and laying hungover in bed all day. A lot of uni is spent trying to balance coursework, having an active social life and getting a decent sleep, and sometimes that can seem impossible! That’s why it’s so important to have things around you that make life easier. So, it makes sense that the thing you rely on most actually does that. That’s where the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series comes in. Here’s all the ways it makes student life a breeze!

1. A screen worth screaming about

For the first time, you can choose the Note size that best fits you. Will it be the Note 10 with 6.3” display or the Note10+ with 6.8” display? Either way, you’ll have a cinematic screen in the palm of your hand. The Infinity-O display creates an uninterrupted view, so when you want to watch your latest TV obsession you can do it without interference. Even the front camera is tiny and discreet so it won’t get in the way.

It also doesn’t matter if you’re watching on the bus on the way to lectures or in the darkness of your room, because these phones are HDR10+ certified. So next time you find yourself in a YouTube hole, at least your viewing experience will be vivid. The best bit is, you don’t have to worry about straining your eyes either, because the display removes harmful blue light at pixel level without sacrificing colour, which means your viewing experience can be a stress and guilt-free one.

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2. It works as fast as you do

As a student, you need to use your phone for lots of different things and most of the time, you need to be multi-tasking between these things. The Note 10 and 10+ allow you to stream, game or download at unbelievable speeds and preloads frequently used apps for fast launch. With the Note 10+ 5G you don’t have to worry about lag because it has the technology to connect to those 5G networks out there at the moment, so it works as fast as you need it to.

The combo of superfast charging, the biggest battery a Note has ever had and powershare also means it’ll keep juice throughout the day, so your phone won’t need to be constantly plugged into the wall when you’re using it throughout your busy day.

3. Laptop storage without the laptop

Lecture notes, pictures of slides, videos from pre-drink shenanigans, TV shows to watch on the way to uni, there are A LOT of things that your phone needs to hold and one of the worst things about smartphones is seeing the dreaded ‘storage full’ notification. Lucky for us, the latest Note series phones have a hell of a lot of storage, so it's literally like walking around with a hard drive in your pocket. You’ll never have to worry about filling your phone up with the things you need again and you can even add more storage to the Note 10+ and Note 10 5G with a microSD card so you can have more than a terabyte of memory.

4. Create epic video

Let’s face it, everyone is a Spielberg these days. Whether you just love capturing memories everywhere you go, from festivals to the SU, or it’s more than a hobby, this camera brings professional movie tech straight to your phone! With video bokeh you can blur backgrounds for depth of field, as well as adding special effects so your videos stand out. You’ll also have access to a full editing suite on your phone that’ll help you insert transitions, add subtitles and change speed, which makes it simple to shoot, edit and share.

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5. Helping you capture your next big idea

This is probably my favourite part about the Note 10 series. With the help of the S pen you can jot down hand-written notes onto your phone, and those same messy notes can be turned into text instantly so you can organise your thoughts in a clear way. You don’t even need to open and app, just scrawl on the screen whenever you need to, whether that’s mid lecture, whilst your out and about or even when you just cba to get up and grab your notebook.

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Make sure you check out all the rest of the cool features the new Note 10 series have. And, if you want to get your hands on a Note 10, make sure you use your UNiDAYS discount for 10% off!

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