4 new gadgets that made us team Samsung

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When it comes to buying the latest tech, it can all get very confusing. As you flit from reviews to the unwarranted opinions of every self-proclaimed tech expert, it can all get quite exhausting. But, here’s four products that have proved themselves to be the best out there and will have you on team Samsung forever.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+

Let’s start with a double whammy. Samsung started 2019 with a bang when it unveiled its S10 series which includes both the S10 and S10+, as well as their more wallet-friendly and smaller option, the S10e. What all three devices have in common is, perhaps the best feature, the display. This phone has so much screen it spills over the curved edges for an almost edge to edge, vibrant AMOLED display. In fact, there is so much screen that there’s little room for anything else. However, you’ll find a punched-in hole in the top right corner that houses the front-facing camera. Samsung are calling this the ‘Infinity-O-Display’ which makes for an innovative design.

Another cool feature of these phones is its Wireless PowerShare, which allows you to charge up another phone, and be everyone’s favourite mate, or the new Galaxy earbuds (which we’ll go into later!) Both the S10 and S10+ have a fingerprint sensor on the front screen which is a change from the previous phones in the series, but these phones also have our best loved features like the headphone jack and expandable storage.

We can’t talk about smartphones without talking about the camera spec, so how does the camera on these phones match up? Both models have a triple lense camera on the back including a regular lens, optically zoomed telephoto lens and an ultra-wide lens, so you’ll have all the tools to snap the perfect shot.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds

The latest edition to the Samsung family is being hailed as the wireless earbuds to beat and it’s easy to see why!

These earbuds, designed primarily to go hand in hand with your Galaxy device, can be paired up and ready to use in a matter of seconds. This long awaited product is available in three colours; neon yellow, black, or white and has a lightweight design which means you can blast your tunes all day long with maximum comfort. They’re made to fit your ear which means you won’t be afraid of them falling out mid gym-sesh either.

The best feature of the buds is probably the ambient noise feature. By downloading the free app that works together with the buds, you are able to amplify your surroundings when you’re out and about so you can be aware of the world around you, or if you’d rather tune out someone’s convo nearby you can completely turn off the feature.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch

The best bit about this watch is that instead of feeling like you have a clunky bit of tech dangling from your wrist, it actually feels and looks like a real analog watch. You even have the option to customise the watch face and strap so it fits your style.

Another great feature, especially in comparison to other smart watches, is that the bezel rotates so you can cycle through the various on screen menus. This makes a huge difference, as you won’t have to battle pressing the right button on a small watch screen as you would normally have to on a smart watch.

Of course, the screen is as high quality as you’d come to expect of a Samsung with its 1.3inch super AMOLED screen and it also has a four-day battery life so it can keep up with you. As ever, you can track your fitness progress, monitor your health, learn about your nighttime and even track your stress levels.

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