7 things to love about going home from uni

You’ve moved away for uni and now it’s time to really appreciate the home comforts you’ve previously taken for granted. Although you love it, uni life is starting to send you a little crazy and it’s time for a break back home to look after your sanity. Luckily, National Express are giving you 15% off full priced journeys… so what are you waiting for?

1. Hanging out with your family because you didn’t realise you’d actually miss them

They might have driven you up the wall the majority of the time during your pre-uni life, but distance really does make the heart grow fonder. It’s time to spend some quality time with the people you love most. An image Gif source

2. Raiding the fridge for all the food

You can no longer splurge on your favourite yoghurts and who knew cheese was so expensive?! It’s time to raid the fridge and take all the good stuff back to uni. Don’t forget to check the cupboards for some cans of baked beans and tuna… you never know when you’re gonna need them. An image Gif source

3. Taking a bunch of toilet roll back with you

No one likes spending money on boring essentials like toilet roll when you could use that money on a night out. It’s time to take advantage of being back home and take a stash of toilet roll back with you. Thanks for always stocking up Mum and Dad. An image Gif source

4. Cuddling your pet and never letting go

‘You will give me a cuddle whether you like it or not’. Having to leave your doggo behind has broken your heart but now you’re reunited there’s no letting go. Ever. An image Gif source

5. Having your parents do everything for you

Making dinner? Washing the pots? Fetching you a cuppa? Your parents have missed you and it shows. It’s time to milk having your humble servants as much as possible, you never know how long it’s going to last. An image Gif source

6. Catching up with your school friends

Your uni friends might be your new besties but it’s important not to forget the people who have stuck by you the longest. Whether it’s a night in or a night out, getting to spend time quality with your old friends is an essential part of going back home. An image Gif source

7. Appreciating the peace and quiet

Whether it’s your housemate having loud sex, hearing people come in from a night out or the flat across the block having a party until 6am. There’s no sleep as good as a sleep in your own bed. It’s time to appreciate the peace and quiet of being at home. An image Gif source

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