6 reasons why Bucharest should be your next city break

First up, in case you just read that title quickly. We’re talking Bucharest, not Budapest. Very similar name but completely different place. Different country in fact. But it’s a common case of mistaken identity that Bucharest is used to. The Romanian tourism board even created the hashtag #bucharestnotbudapest. True story.

Anyway we digress, here’s why Bucharest should be your next city break.

Craft Beer Scene

Okay let’s dive straight in with the good stuff. If you love craft beer, you will love Bucharest. It’s only a few years since brewers in Romania started dabbling in the beer scene, so it still has a very entrepreneurial feel to it. Think small breweries with adventurous and exciting beers. The bars are seriously cool too. Hit up the Zaganu tap room then work your way around the city.

Affordable Adventure

And don’t worry about it costing you a packet either. A pint will only set you back a couple of quid. You can nab return flights from London for under £50 and score yourself a stay in a trendy, spotless hostel for less than a tenner a night. That’s no bluff. Get yourself on Skyscanner and Hostelworld as soon as you’ve read the rest of this and see for yourself.

Incredible Architecture

Did you know that Bucharest is the home of the second largest and heaviest building in the world? Or have any idea that there’s a district in Bucharest nicknamed ‘Little Paris’ due to the architecture’s resemblance to that of France’s capital. Well, if you didn’t know you do now. The streets of Bucharest make for great exploring.

Legend of Dracula

If you like a spot of dark tourism with your overseas adventures, then a city break to Bucharest will be right up your street. Vlad the Impaler, the man behind the legend that inspired Bram Stoker’s vampire fantasy was from Romania. And you can visit the remains of one of his fortresses, right in the heart of the city.

Instagram Envy

Of course no European city break would be complete without having the capacity to make your pals well jel with some cracking Insta pics. It’s like the city has been set up with perfectly framed shots in mind to impress your possy. From cute cafes to cool street art, you’ll have no problem finding locations to ‘do it for the gram’ in Bucharest.

Food Porn

If you have a sweet tooth then look no further than the papanași. A fried doughnut stuffed to overflowing with cream and jam, you will make yourself feel sick stuffing your face with these. But there’s no time to be embarrassed. Because as soon as you’ve recovered you’ll be working your way through the eclairs. And the pretzels that are as big as your head.

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