11 Danish bloggers you need to follow

From Instagram to Bloglovin' and straight back to the old classics of Twitter and Facebook, our feeds are always full of the hottest new bloggers and style icons. But, with so many to choose from, who should you actually take the time to follow? We've found these 11 killer bloggers, straight out of Denmark, who are our favourites of the moment. Let us know what you think and whether we've missed anyone incredible that's slipped under our radar!

1. Stine Mo

Stine is a 23 yeard old chick living in Copenhagen. She describes her style as 'colourful, ever-changing and feminine'. She caught our eye with her super sleek blog, The Mo Look and her killer Instagram. I love how she's not afraid of a little colour and is often seen wearing red, plus she also blogs about skincare and beauty as well as style so there's something for everyone!

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2. Amalie Wessel

Amalie's eclectic blog is packed full of 'personal style, music, beauty, lifestyle and sarcastic writings about everything from social media to stereotypes in the nightlife of Copenhagen'. Basically, a little bit of everything with her funny tone all over it. Plus, her Instagram is to die for, it's just too damn cool.

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3. Simone Moelle

Simone's Instagram is pure stark white and grey heaven, how does she find so many pastel colours in real life?! She features loads of great career advice and travel tips on her lifestyle blog and the photography is, of course, amazing.

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4. Ilirida Krasniqi

Ilirida is an Albanian/Danish supermodel-looking blogger that we're crushing all over right now. Her super cool style is all over her blog and we can't get enough. She's got that minimal cool thing happening but it has a street wear edge with a lot of sass thrown in so we're 100% interested.

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5. Frederikke Egel

Recognise the other chick in the snap above? She's another blogger babe that you need to know about! Frederikke is besties with Ilirida and runs her own blog too. She voices her opinion on products, events and shares her top tips for Insta edits and much more!

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6. Danica Chloe

This lifestyle blogger has a seriously enviable apartment and knows how to bake a mean brownie. She also loves to chat about beauty, podcasts, interiors and travel. Basically, Danica, I'd like your life please if that's OK?

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7. Marie Hindkær Wolthers

Marie's beauty and fashion blog Blame It On Fashion is a diary of her most amazing outfits, beauty finds and interior obsessions. This lady rocks fashion's latest trends in a way like no other, think cropped jeans, low-heeled shoes and crossbody designer IT bags.

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8. Pernille Teisbaek

Pernille is a fashion veteran in terms of experience, she's been in fashion for 10 years already, working both in front and behind the camera. Her blog is a showcase of her finest outfits and she should be trusted with style, she's been Fashion Director for ATL for Damerne and Fashion Editor at Eurowoman too. This lady knows her stuff!

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9. Mike Afsharian

The only guy to make the cut here, I couldn't seem to find many menswear bloggers in Denmark that were really making shapes as much as Mike is with his self-titled blog. Mike covers men's style and grooming and is also a model so you can pretty much take his word for it if he says something's good. (It probably is!)

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10. Isabella Thorsden

You might recognise Isabella from ASOS as she used to be one of their ambassadors with her own ASOS_Isabella page on Insta. This is where I first discovered her sweet Scandi style. She just makes being cosy and warm look so damn stylish. Find her blog here.

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11. Emilie Delance

As well as being all out gorgeous - sorry but that hair is just dreamy - Emilie has a great all-round blog covering events, beauty tips, recipes, food reviews and so much more. Check out her amazing lifestyle blog here.

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