The colour taking the interior world by storm

If there's one colour that I'm seeing all over Pinterest it's navy. Navy bedrooms, navy living rooms, navy dining rooms. Navy - I want to put it in every room. Here are 5 navy-walled pieces of inspo to get your interior design juices flowing. Check out our Home Sweet Home board for more uni room style, interiors lusting and cute prints!

1. Hygge + navy

If you're not sure what hygge is, where have you been? This Scandinavian word is used to describe a quality of cosiness and being comfortable that leads you to be completely content. A.K.A snuggly and feeling great about it. I am all about that hygge life. But, being Scandi, you'd expect it to be all minimalist and neutral colours but luckily for our mate navy, it creates a warming feeling despite the fact it's blue. So, hygge loves it. Hygge is all about being relaxed and content and this room definitely gives off those feels. If you Insta-search hygge, all you'll see will be these gigantic knitted throws that we basically just want to live in forever. P.S It's pronounced "hue-guh" for all those saying "h-ige" in their heads like me throughout this entire paragraph.

2. Green + navy

Navy is a pretty great colour chameleon and looks awesome with pretty much any other colour but green really makes it pop. This is why plants and greenery look so damn good next to it. Indulged in a little plant life recently? Pop them next to your navy wall and you are sorted for Insta-worthy style.

3. Sassy + navy

Pink and gold equals ultimate sass, right? 100%! Navy gives off a regal feeling when it's paired with gold and everything seems so much more expensive and luxe. Perfect for giving your space a right royal feeling for not much cash. Gold accessories are easily picked up on the high street these days from stores like New Look and House of Fraser and all you need is a navy wall, bed throw or rug to bring in the blue!

4. Palm print + navy

Along with green, the palm print looks awesome when it's printed in navy like this incredible wallpaper. This is an easy way to incorporate navy when you don't really have free reign to totally paint your entire uni room blue. Try it with prints and soft furnishings instead of grabbing a paint brush. Probably not the best idea if you fancy getting your deposit back! But, if you are lucky enough to be able to decorate where you are, wallpaper can also be a commitment-phobes answer to the navy trend. You can always rip it down again!

5. Yellow accents + navy

Finally, navy and yellow. The classic and probably a few people's school uniform colours, right? This is a seriously easy look to pull off and looks bright and happy every single time. You don't even have to use all of the same colours of yellow. By using a few shades you can bring a quirkier look together.

It feels like the word navy isn't a real word anymore?

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