5 ways to turn your uni room from drab to fab

9 times out of 10, student digs aren’t quite the cosy, sumptuous sanctuary that we would love them to be. However, a few simple touches can dramatically change the look and feel of a room, and create the perfect space for sitting back and putting your feet up in order to write those all important assignments. Check out my top picks below to achieve the dorm room of dreams with a little help from Urban Outfitters!

1. Choose a colour scheme

Mismatched furniture? No problem. Balance the odd furniture out with a colour scheme. By making sure that everything matches, those dark oak drawers won’t look so noticeably different next to that white bedside table!

2. Less is more

It isn’t uncommon that you will be faced with a lot of blank wall space. Any student’s reaction to this would be to fill it with pictures, but remember sometimes less is more. A great way to decorate in a minimalist way is by hanging Instax print outs from string fairy lights.

Brit's suggestions

An instant camera like the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera adds the perfect retro edge to any flat party!

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3. Those all important accessories

When it comes to accessories, I believe there are 5 essentials. A lamp to create the ideal ambience and this Serena Geo Cage Lamp is so cute!

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Candles to relax after a long hard slog in the library are also a must if your halls or flat allows them.

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A diffuser to hide any smells of old carpet, a little greenery and cushions. Lots and lots of cushions!

4. The bedding

The choice of bedding can either make or break all of your hard work so far. Keep it simple and follow the rule of thumb; busy quilt cover = plain cushions or vice versa.

Brit's suggestions

Keep the colour scheme going with some pastel themed cushions! I like the All Over Eyes, Good Vibes and the Velvet Fringe Cushion.

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5. Rug it up

Your colour scheme is all set out, your picture wall is hanging perfectly and your accessories are all in place, but something is still missing? Lay a rug by your bed and voila, everything will feel cosy and comforting.

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