Tattoos - which style suits you best?

If you’re considering getting a tattoo, you’re probably agonising which styles best suit your personality and fashion sense and making sure what’s right now is right forever.

One of the main reasons people put off getting a tattoo is being unsure of the style that will suit them best and how they will feel waking up and seeing it there every day.

Fear not, with a little bit of thought you can find the perfect style for you and if you are considering getting inked, I’ve lined up five awesome styles and artists to help you reach that decision.

Neo Traditional

Neo Traditional tattooing is similar to old school trad in that it features lots of the same pieces. Typically things like lady’s heads, tigers and all-seeing eyes would be heavily featured in neo trad work.

Neo Traditional is often seen as a modern take on traditional tattooing, using slightly thinner lines and a wider, more vibrant colour palette.


Illustrative tattoos have been a more recently popular style of tattooing. The illustrative approach means that often single line needles and only black are required, making the tattoos fairly simple in style but super cool.

With this style you can add lots of little tattoos on different parts of your body without the look of being covered. They’re super easy to cover up with clothes or makeup and lend themselves to catchy, fun designs.

Black & Grey / Realism

If you’re a fan of simple tonal palettes and more realistic work then this is the style for you. Probably most popularised by David Beckham, black and grey tattooing can create some of the most stunning pieces of work you’ll see.

This style is ideal for tattoos such as portraits but can literally be carried across into all subjects such as skulls, smoke and realistic roses too.

Old School

Old School tattooing was the original style of tattooing amongst sailors and soldiers. The super thick lines kept the colour locked into place and simple, easy to tattoo designs were favoured.

Many of the traditional tattoos you see today all have links back to their history with tattoos such as eagles, ships and swallows all having significant meaning to their owners.

People often say, if you want a tattoo that will last a lifetime then you can't beat the thick, clean designs found in traditional old school tattoos.

Geometric and Dotwork

Another style which has become more popular in the last few years. Geometric and dotwork tattoos are super intrinsic and require hours of work to achieve the high levels of detail and accuracy required.

The great thing about geometric work is that it can work on a small or large scale and be applied to lots of different styles from classic mandalas to floral tattoos and more.

There you have it guys, five awesome styles of tattooing for you to consider. Hopefully you can see the great work achievable from each style and that this helps you make the right choice for you and your body!

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