5 of the UK's top tattoo artists to follow

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Don’t know what to get, where to get it or who to get it done by? Well, good thing I’m here to help out with 5 of my favourite UK-based tattoo artists! Whether you’re an old-school fan, a portrait aficionado or you’re just looking for a bit of inspiration, my run-down includes a bit of something for everyone.

Speaking as someone with more tattoos than I can count, the key is to do your research and to be ready to make permanent changes to your body. Still keen to get some ink? Check out my list below and get booking your next tattoo!

Anthony Cole

Based out of Skyn Yard in Southend, Essex, Anthony Cole has been a favourite of mine for a while now. Anthony covers a wide range of styles but it’s his neo traditional and colour work that stands out a mile for me.

Justin Burnout

Working from Ghost House Collective in Derby, Justin is known for being a difficult man to pin down as he travels and works regularly throughout LA and the rest of America. In my opinion, he’s the go-to guy for super silky smooth black and grey portrait work and has tattooed the faces of Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra and even Tom Hardy as Charles Bronson onto fans of his work.

Vicky Morgan

If you’re a fan of Disney or Harry Potter, prepare to lose your shit. I’ve known Vicky for a couple of years now and she’s to the go to gal for these mega cute and colourful movie inspired tattoos. Located in Nottingham at BodyCraft Tattoo, Vicky’s work starts from £70 an hour though specific pieces may be more/less.

Josh Hurrell

Working at Legacy Tattoo in Haverhill, Suffolk, Josh Hurrell boasts nearly 15,000 followers on Instagram. Josh’s black and grey work is some of my favourite, it’s super smooth and works well across a variety of styles from mandalas and geometric to skulls and roses.

Chris Crooks

One for the Irish fans, Chris Crooks is the owner of White Dragon Tattoo is Belfast, Northern Ireland and puts out some of the most solid Japanese work I’ve ever seen. Expect intense dragons, lions and samurai scenes. Reportedly at the much more expensive end of tattooing, you may need to save a while to see Chris but you can guarantee some solid results.

I’m sure there are plenty of tattoo artists you may have expected to see in this list that I’ve missed out but truth is five was never a big enough number to cover the amount of amazing talent out there. Let us know some of your favourite artists that we should shout out next time.

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