Nano X1 – The Official Shoe of Fitness - The only workout shoe you need!

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We all know that making time for fitness benefits our physical and mental health. In fact, for many of us it’s the one time of day where to switch off from the stresses of student life. The last thing we need as we’re gearing up for this precious time of day, away from studying and working, is the stress of picking a shoe that can keep up with our workouts. Well, worry no more because Reebok has designed The Official Shoe of Fitness, and they’ll be the only pair you’ll need in your gym bag. Let’s run through all the ways this shoe will help you level up! Don’t forget to shop using the UNiDAYS app to get 40% Off.

It’s all about comfort

No matter the workout, the Nano X1 will enable you to perform your best. The shoe is made from an all-new knitted material that provides max breathability, without compromising on toughness where you need it the most. The refined toe shape is optimized for movement and the comfort collar means you’ll have support from the moment you take them out the box. If you love outdoor workouts on new terrain or daring hikes, the NANO X1 ADVENTURE will be for you. Developed to allow you to explore new horizons and take your workout to the outdoors and beyond.

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Need for speed

If your favourite workouts demand high intensity and speed, much like that of a CrossFit workout, you’ll need the very best from your footwear. The Nano X1 has an undeniably sleek shape and design that includes a speed chassis that will support your heel throughout your workout. Not only will the better shape ensure you’ll be at your fastest, but it also ensures you can lift your best weights. It’s not hard to see why the shoe is a firm favourite with CrossFit goers!

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You are in control

You should be able to focus on achieving your fitness goals without the hassle of wondering whether your workout gear is right for you. Because the Nano X1’s are designed for every type of workout, you are in more control than ever. Featuring Floatride Energy Foam it enables a responsive feel giving you the comfort to push your limits. They are ultra strong but made from a durable lightweight material which means that if you never miss strength day but also like to mix it up with the occasional Les Mills class, you’ll always have a shoe you can rely on.

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Nano X1 Adventure

We can’t talk about the Nano X1’s without mentioning the latest addition to the family, the Nano X1 Adventure. For so many of us, the past year got us connecting with the great outdoors like never before, as we had to become more creative without our workouts. This model is the ultimate training shoe that allows you to keep that connection with the outdoors. With it's unpadded rubber lug outsole it varies from the Nano X1 to allow ultimate outdoor traction. So whether you’re now a member of a fitness class that takes place at the local park, or your calendar is booked up with adventure weekends now that the world is opening back up again, the Nano X1 Adventure is durable enough for you to push yourself to get moving outside of the gym.

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