5 travel trends set to be big in 2020

As with everything in life, travel moves in trends, and it’s shifting in exciting new directions this year. Here are 5 travel trends set to be big in 2020.

Vegan travel

There are many different motivations which are prompting an increasing number of people to cut animal products out of their diets. They range from health reasons to ethical and environmental concerns and everything in between.

It stands to reason, therefore, that travel companies are wanting in on the act as well, and beginning to launch experiences specifically tailored towards vegans.

Where previously it may have been challenging to travel as a vegan, it’s slowly and steadily becoming easier. Vegan hotels, vegan group tours, and even vegan cruises are set to be big this year with some of the world’s largest travel companies providing animal exploitation-free options.

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As the evidence of climate change continues to mount, with a growing number of devastating natural disasters occurring all over the world, many people are beginning to consider their personal impact on the planet’s health.

Travel is an undeniably large contributor to climate change, so naturally people are wondering how they can do it more responsibly. There are numerous ways to reduce your impact on the world when you travel, from where you go to how you get there.

Ecotravel is an established trend that is only set to grow this year, with a focus on carbon neutral trips, sustainability, and green living.

Alternative transport

Building on the ecotravel theme, it’s clear that aviation’s impact on the environment is hugely detrimental. So much so, that many people are questioning whether it’s ethically acceptable to fly at all, or at least aiming to severely limit their time in the air.

But limited flights doesn’t necessarily have to mean limited travel options, as there are plenty more efficient and less damaging ways of getting around. Train, coach, bike and boat travel is far less detrimental to the environment.

While it may take a little longer to reach a destination, you can enjoy your vacay safe in the knowledge that it’s not coming at a significant cost to the planet. Expect more people to think long and hard about their transport choices this year.

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As more people are learning about their familial histories through DNA testing, a new trend has developed which takes those discoveries to the next level.

These DNA tests tend to turn up links to places and cultures that people are completely unfamiliar with. So many people are now attempting to further unearth their roots through visiting the countries of their newly discovered ancestry.

Most of us will have genealogies that come as a bit of a surprise. Heritage or ancestry travel is a way to better understand your past while travelling to exciting new destinations and it’s set to blow up in 2020.

Second city travel

Capital cities often act as a window into the soul of a country, allowing you to see and experience its true essence. However, they’re also usually expensive, super-busy, and full to bursting with tourists.

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, second city travel is the trend of avoiding a country’s most popular cities and heading for a lesser known alternative. Forget Paris and try Toulouse or Lyon instead. Give Barcelona the brush off and seek out Seville or Bilbao. Bypass Berlin and hit Hamburg or Dusseldorf.

In the process you can save money, gain a completely different perspective, and enjoy an experience that nowhere near as many others have.

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