5 of the hottest destinations for 2020

Looking for somewhere interesting to visit this year? Here are 5 of the hottest destinations for 2020.

1. Nikko, Japan

Japan, and specifically Tokyo, is busily preparing to host the 2020 Olympics this year. That means there’s a real buzz around the country, with many destinations receiving a timely facelift in the wake of the upcoming festivities.While for some people the crowds and excitement might seem like a reason to stay away, it’s going to be a historic time to be there and the entire country will be emanating positive energy. Nikko is close enough to soak up the celebratory vibes and make a trip to the big city to catch a day’s action, yet far enough away for you to be able to book a hotel and avoid the huge crowds which are going to descend on the capital.

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2. Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

Bolivia is a country on the cusp of change, politically, socially, and also on the tourism front. One of the lesser explored South American territories, it’s a melting pot of everything good the continent has to offer. It’s home to a hugely diverse range of landscapes, with spectacular salt flats in the south, a slice of the Andes running through its spine, and vast swathes of rainforest. And in the north west is where you’ll find Rurrenabaque, Bolivia’s gateway to the Amazon. Stuffed with incredible wildlife, Rurrenabaque is home to pink dolphins, giant anacondas, numerous species of monkeys, crocodiles, caiman, piranhas, various wild cats and much more. This is a nature-lover’s paradise, enjoy it while it’s still relatively unknown.

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3. Galway, Ireland

Colourful, packed with history, artsy, and constantly ringing with the sound of music, Galway is a banging getaway at the best of times. But designated European Capital of Culture for 2020, an award shared with Rijeka, Croatia, Galway has even bigger things planned for the coming 12 months. They’ve put together a year-long cultural programme designed to show off the best of what the city has to offer. Starting in February, it runs through until the end of January 2021. Celebrating all of the arts, there are countless concerts, theatre productions, writing workshops, and even sporting events planned. It’s gonna be one huge, year-long party with tonnes of craic, definitely not to be missed.

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4. Georgetown, Guyana

Guyana is often completely overlooked as a South American destination with many people not even realising it’s on the continent. But this tiny country recently discovered vast reserves of oil off its coastline, something which is about to help put it firly on the map, with new investment and new interest. South America’s only English-speaking country, it’s got an unbelievably diverse population with descendants hailing from India, Africa, China, Amerindia, Europe and beyond. It’s also got a distinctly Caribbean vibe going on. Guyana is a country blessed with a cornucopia of natural wonders that remain largely untouched. While any trip should undoubtedly take these in, the most interesting place to base yourself for your visit is its lively capital Georgetown. Here you’ll find its unique mixture of culture on full display in everything from music to cuisine.

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5. Bangkok, Thailand

This incredible city has been one of the most visited in the world for a number of years on the trot. Now receiving over 20 million tourists each year, it’s definitely on the beaten track. But that many visitors can’t be wrong, can they? Famous for mouth watering street-food, vibrant markets, a wild nightlife, opulent historical sights, all at extremely affordable prices, Thailand’s capital shows no signs of slowing down. Bangkok is one of the world’s favourite tourist destinations and for good reason. 2020 is only set to be even bigger and better for Thailand’s capital.

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