Top 10 Summer Road Trip Tunes

Are you road trippin’ this summer? If the answer is yes (and I hope it is!) then here are the top 10 songs that you definitely need to be blasting out of your speakers whilst driving down the open road!

1. ‘A Thousand Miles’ - Vanessa Carlton

If you’ve seen White Chicks then you’ll get this absolute dream of a song. You just have to sing along, yep, especially to the piano bit.

2. ‘Shut Up & Drive’ - Rihanna

Before you ask, this playlist is supposed to be full of amazing pun songs and you can’t get in the car for a long road trip without them. Rihanna is the queen of songs that you can sing along to and this 2007 banger is just perfection. (It’s almost 10 years old though, what is that about?)

3. ‘Ridin’- Chamillionaire

There are no words, this just has to be on your playlist. No arguments please.

4. ‘One For the Road’ - Arctic Monkeys

There’s always room for these Sheffield boys on one of my playlists and this song is more than apt for this playlist.

5. ‘Ride With Me’ - Nelly

This anthem has potential to be one of the first songs that needs to be played when you pull off for your epic road trip. Especially if you’ve already picked up your mates, there’s no point having Nelly on without your buddies already in tow!

6. ‘Party In The USA’ - Miley Cyrus

This definitely ain’t a Nashville party.

7.  ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ - Coldplay

Just a little bit of Coldplay to set the mood for making some serious memories with your besties.

8. Island In The Sun - Weezer

Happiness in a song.

9. ‘Drive’ - Incubus

One to add to the middle of the playlist when it’s time for a bit of a chill. You’ve had the excitement of the beginning of the trip and you’re not quite near the buzz of the end and it’s time for some soft rock to drive to.

10. ‘Ocean Avenue’ - Yellowcard

If you’re not playing the air violin by the end of this, what is wrong with you? Make sure you’re fully prepped for your road trip with a £4.99 a month Apple Music subscription and you can make as many playlists as you like!Blog-Perk-Template_UK

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