9 iPhone Hacks You Need To Know

1. Shake To Erase

Did you know if you shake your iPhone from side to side you can Undo Typing? Us neither. Totally works!

2. Use Words Instead Of A PIN

Need a password that's a little more foolproof than your birth date? Head to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and choose 'Change Passcode'. You can then choose an alphanumeric password instead of a simple 4-6 digit pin. Safe!

3. Check Timestamps

Want to know what time you sent that text? Just drag your messages to the left! 0d6f1f3e-db36-49dc-8213-8fa037d69635-1

4. Charge Your Phone Faster

Heading out and used all your battery at uni today totally *not* checking Instagram? Whack your phone onto Airplane or flight mode and it'll charge a lot faster!

5. Capture The Moment

Use Burst Mode to capture multiple shots of the action for as long as you hold down the button by snapping up to 10 photos per second. Snap away!

6. New Calendar Views

You can now view your calendar by list, day, or month, try switching to landscape to see a full five days. You can also now search for specific events which is great for when you know you have the dentist this month but can't remember which day or even which week. Plus, you can now tap the search icon for a list view of every event in your calendar.

7. Install The Giphy Keyboard

You won't regret it! Being able to include ridiculously awesome GIFs in texts and Whatsapp messages? Priceless. Is there anything better than that? Lauren doesn't think so. giphy-1

8. Hide The Fact You're Ignoring Someone On Whatsapp

Read Receipts

You can easily disable those giveaway double blue ticks (Settings > Account > Privacy > Read Receipts) so you can avoid the awkward "I know you've read it, why aren't you replying" conversation when you just don't want to reply.

Last Seen

You can also turn your 'Last Seen' time at the top of the messages which can also contribute to "I know you've been online why are you ignoring me" conversations! Head to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen and you can decide who you want to see when you've last been active. Yes to guilt-free ignoring!

9. Mute Group Chat Notifications

Whats-App group chats are a blessing and a curse. Yep, you can all decide what to do together and at what time but if the decision has been made and the conversation is still going on and you don't want to hear all about it what do you do? Just listen to your phone incessantly buzz? Nope! Mute group chat notifications by simply selecting the chat name at the top to open the in-message settings and toggle mute to on for as long as you like.

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