7 tips to up your eyeshadow game

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We all know how hard it is to try and master the perfect smoky eye or a cut crease like the professionals from Instagram. With numerous attempts and lots of frustration it can all too often end in a mess, having to start again. But fear not, we’ve got 7 top tips to help you up your eyeshadow game and with 25% off at The Body Shop instore and online until the 6th October, now’s your chance to stock up on cruelty free makeup and brushes.

We’re obsessing over this Own Your Naturals palette with the perfect nudes ranging from dark to light including both shimmers and mattes. Enriched with Community Trade marula oil, these shades are designed for easy building and blending so you can have all the fun experimenting. If a little more colour is your thing, give the new Paint In Colour palette a try.

1. Use at least two different brushes

Having a range of different brushes is definitely going to work in your favour as it’s best to use a different one for each colour. Not to mention you’ll need one for blending too. Take a look at all the brushes The Body Shop has to offer and bag yourself 25% off.

2. Eyes first, foundation second

To make cleaning up the fallout alot easier, start with your eyeshadow first and then your foundation. If you’d still like a base to work from for your eyeshadow masterpiece, start with some concealer around your eyes first and build from there.

3. Light to dark

Avoid going too heavy too soon by starting with your lighter shades and gradually building up to the darker tones. Remember to keep blending as you go, and take your time. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

4. A wet brush means richer pigment

To get a bolder colour, dampen your brush with water or use your favourite setting spray. Voila, you’ve got a more intense colour to work with.

5. Always use primer

Extend the wear of your eyeshadow with a primer, such as the All-In-One Instablur. This shine-controlling, blemish-hiding, pore-concealing, complexion-perfector delivers picture-perfect skin, every time.

6. Learn techniques for your eye shape

Whether you’ve got deep set eyes, hooded eyes… or whatever! Learn what style suits you best. To make things easier, stick to following the shape of your crease and you can’t go wrong.

7. Setting spray is essential

Make sure your makeup lasts the night with this anti-smudge and anti-fade 100% vegan Setting Spray. This product is enriched with Community Trade aloe vera and suitable for sensitive skin, not to mention it also locks in moisture as well as keeping your makeup in place.

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