9 Times Beyoncé Totally Slayed

Beyoncé is one of those women that ooze glamour and always looks flawless. Every. Single. Time. There doesn’t seem to be anything that she can’t do. She can sing, act AND dance, totally not jealous at all.

Not only is she incredibly talented, her lifestyle and relationships are often kept out of the public eye, which to some is seen as extremely admirable in this day and age where people do anything and everything to be in the public eye.

If announcing her pregnancy via Instagram with a glamorous photoshoot wasn’t enough, here’s a few more reasons to remind you that Beyoncé is queen:

1. Destiny's Child

Starting her career alongside Kelly and Michelle releasing anthems Say My Name, Survivor and Bills, Bills, Bills, Destiny’s Child quickly grew in popularity and quickly became ‘girl power’ icons.

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2. Going solo

Going solo was probably the best thing Beyoncé could do as she started to develop her own brand. Now, six studio albums later she’s reigning queen. From Crazy In Love to Partition, it’s clear that Beyoncé is one hell of a diva, and don’t we love her for it?

3. Super Bowl

Even if you don’t like the Super Bowl, everyone knows that the half-time show is kind of a big deal. In 2013 it was time for Beyoncé to deliver a fierce performance and she definitely bought her A game. Working through a medley of hits she stunned the crowd with her faultless singing and killer dance moves. Returning to the Super Bowl stage in 2016 Beyonce revealed a surprise new single ‘Formation’ which sent her fans crazy. Plus, she styled out this stumble perfectly!

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4. Outfits on point

There isn’t anything that Beyoncé can’t pull off. From elegant evenings gowns to barely-there outfits, she looks good in everything. No matter what the appearance is, you can always count on Beyoncé to bring the house down.

5. Ivy Park

Working in collaboration with Topshop, Beyoncé released an activewear collection that is everything we have ever dreamed of (even if we don’t like sport or going to the gym). It’s totally OK to wear those leggings on the sofa eating ice cream.

6. Girl power

Throughout her career Beyoncé has been an iconic role model, championing girl power and challenging industry stereotypes with an all female band. With Run The World (Girls), Single Ladies and Pretty Hurts to name a few of her girl power anthems, it’s clear what she values, and don’t we love her for it.

7. Twinning with Blue Ivy

For most of us, wearing matching outfits with our Mum would so not be cool. It’s fair to say that Blue Ivy is one lucky little girl having Beyoncé as her mum.

8. Glastonbury

What could be better than Beyoncé performing at the biggest music festival in the world? She pulled out all the stops and gave a performance of a lifetime.

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9. Ultimate power couple

Nothing says power couple like pop queen and rap sensation, Jay Z.

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