5 British, urban artists to look out for in 2019

1. Deno Driz

Deno Driz is a social media sensation who blew after a video of him singing in school went viral on Instagram, the singer decided to cover Geko’s “Over and Under,” song.

Deno Driz was originally recognised by Stormzy in 2016, who invited him to feature on his upcoming album, Gang Signs and Prayer.

2. Young T & Bugsey

Young T and Bugsey originate from Nottingham, the dynamic duo initially met when they were both 15-years-old.

The likes of Justin Beiber has been seen vibing to songs by Young T and Bugsey music too. They’ve also had the Stormzy-approval from previous songs of theirs.

3. NSG

All 6 members from NSG, (which by the way, stands for Never Stop Grinding and/or New Sound Group) went to the same secondary school in east London. Since creating their group they’ve worked with the likes of J Hus, Abra Cadabra and many other big names in the industry.

4. Unknown T

Bred in east London, Unknown T Homerton B- blew the heck up in 2017-18 and has decided to come through again with his newest addition to his hits, Homerton B, an up-beat and up-tempo tune that includes infectious phrases and is so catchy!

5. Octavian

Originally born in north-east France, Octavian moved to south London at age 3. When he was a teenager, his mother sent him back to France to live with his uncle after their relationship became strained. His living situation with his uncle didn’t work in his favour either and he was sent back to the UK.

Later evicted by his mother, Octavian was homeless for 7 years. He tried to get a council house but on paper, he was a Frenchman, even though he moved to the UK at such a young age and went to school here.

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