3 playlists to study to

My memory is the worst, I even envy people that remember so many details of what they did at the weekend, no matter how shameful the thing that they did was. Like loads of people, I also have a hard time concentrating due to constant distractions from things like my Whatsapp groups, the shiny thing over there and my constant need to watch Kim’s IG stories when she’s looking after her sisters Cockapoo for the week.

I have a hard time committing information to memory so I looked into ways to concentrate better without ‘turning my phone off.’ One of the ways I found that helped me was to use music to improve my memory and concentration and these are the different music styles that you can use to help you do the same.

Balancing your energy

As a hyperactive person, I’ve been using UMG’s Peaceful Playlist on Apple Music to help me concentrate and I found it really does help me concentrate. It’s got some awesome chill out tunes on there which helped me find my Zen, which I’m told is a good thing.

The energy increaser

If you’re a laid back, relaxed person then you may find it better to increase your energy to get you in the right frame of mind. Music with a faster beat like this Up-beat Gym Playlist on Spotify. It’s clearly not meant for studying but my Sloth like mate Oli finds that it improves his motivation and concentration for remembering.

Back to basics

The last technique I used was OK for me but friends found it helped them better. Play a song from your childhood that has been carved into your memory. Maybe it’s an Old School 90’s track that your parents made you listen to that you hated then but love now because it reminds you of them. It’s supposed to make you feel comfortable and safe but t think this didn’t work for me as I got too distracted pretending I was in control of a 1000 person march when I played ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ by My Chemical Romance. If you’re interested in that, the link is below too.

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