4 easy ways to make this a Memorial Day to remember

Chillin out maxin relaxin all cool

So you've figured out your drinks and what bbq recipes you're going to make. All you have left is to set the stage (so to speak). Well, with a little help from Sam's Club here are 4 easy ways to make this a Memorial Day to remember.

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1. Music

Whether you're listening to the ONLY Memorial Day bbq playlist you need or something you've put together yourself... you're gonna need a system to play it on. Let's be real, that laptop speaker simply won't cut it! If your party involves water, try the Monster ROAM portable speaker. It's waterproof so.... don't worry about a splash fight gone wrong. Not planning on being near the water? The Monster Glo 2 Lantern speaker is both a speaker AND a light so you can kill two birds with one stone if your party doesn't start until the sun goes down.

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2. Pool party essentials

Um... what kind of party doesn't have floaties? One I don't want to go to, that's what. If you’re on the lake check out this HUGE Floating Oasis Water Pad. Looking for something that'll be great for Instagram? May I introduce you to the Party Bird. Beyond that, Sam's Club also has BIG array of water toys, like a 6 foot beach ball, 5 foot tall jumbo ring toss and a 25 foot water slide.

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3. Food

While you may have your recipes settled, you still need to pick up the supplies. Whether you need a 4 lbs steak, cheddar cheese and beef patties, or fresh veggies you can definitely find them all at your local Sam's Club. AND DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE SNACKS!! Holidays are ALL about the food and treating yourself BUT if you want something low carb, opt for parmesan crisps. Not everyone wants to go low carb this weekend and that's fine! I mean, I certainly don't! Go for the chips (or fries) and dazzle everyone with bacon cheddar ranch dip OR salsa... your choice.

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4. Ambience

Are you planning a picnic or a bbq? Staying home or going out? Whatever you decide, you need to make sure that people come to your party and actually WANT to stay. Give things a ~rustic~ vibe with a 10 person cabin tent. No need for set up to be “intense”… it pops up in 60 seconds! PLUS once Memorial Day is over, you can use the tent all Summer long. After you've set up the tent, you're gonna need something to sit on. I mean I GUESS you can use a picnic blanket or just sit on the floor but where's the fun in that? Step things up by throwing in a couple of lounge chairs for max relaxation.

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