16 of the best shows to binge-watch over & over again

Summer Binge-ing Happend So Fast

We know we're not supposed to be excited about how much time we'll spend indoors this summer, but with new seasons and series dropping left and right, we can't hide our intent to shut out all sunlight and trace of perfect weather in favor of pajamas and TV shows we've already watched a hundred times already.

So grab your favorite icy beverage, cheesy carb-loaded snack, and the best seat in the house, and get ready to see all of your old friends.

We left Friends off because it felt too obvious, but Friends is at the secret top of the list. In no particular order, however, we present you with the shows we truly can't and wont stop binging, no matter how many times we've already seen them:

1. The Office

There's not place on Earth like Scranton, Pennsylvania, and there's no paper company like Dunder Mifflin. Follow the everyday, seemingly ordinary lives of Michael Scott and the gang while laughing, crying and (most often) cringing right along with them. My roommate and I will finish watching the entire series and then literally start again from episode 1. It NEVER gets old.

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2. Arrested Development

Arrested Development gives you a peak into the life of the formerly rich and absolutely ridiculous Bluth family. What they lack in money, they make up with in faux chicken clucking, running gags and clever as hell double entendre. The writing is so smart that you might not even notice something that seems really obvious until the 10th time you've watched an episode.

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3. Law & Order: SVU

A lot of people are opting out of traditional cable in favor of streaming services like Netflix & Hulu. What's the 1 thing everyone misses most about having cable? Sporadic SVU marathons. During its golden years, we shipped hard for Olivia & Elliott while we helped them solve crimes of a particularly heinous nature in and around NYC. It's almost impossible to turn off once you get rolling. Good luck! An image

4. Weeds

Mary-Louise Parker plays drug dealing & widowed Mother of 2 in the burbs of California to perfection. What starts out innocently enough as selling weed at kid's soccer games (aka not innocent at all) takes a dangerous turn as you watch Nancy and co get in too deep time after time. Will they ever get caught? Keep watching to find out.
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5. Parks & Recreation

From Scranton to Cali, let's head to Pawnee, Indiana. It's the characters on Parks & Rec that keep us coming back for more. Without a doubt, a bad day will be made better once you tune in and watch Leslie try and better Pawnee (and the world) surrounded by her hilarious (now) star-studded Parks & Rec department. Satirizing and poking fun at real life craziness during its run, Park's & Recreation is pure gold. If you disagree, you're probably from Eagleton.

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6. How I Met Your Mother

We watched this show religiously for HOW many years hoping to finally meet the mother? Admittedly, too many. It didn't stop us from seeing what antics ensued at McClaren's Pub with Ted, Barney, Lily, Marshall and Robin season after season as Ted recounts the story of how he met his wife to his children through a series of flashbacks. The show was never about the mother to begin with, but you do get to meet her, and she's perfect for Ted. An image

7. Lost

When this show was live on the air, we came back every week hoping for answers. It follows the survivors of a plane crash that lands on a mysterious island between LA and AU. Even when you know how it ends, it's fun looking for clues and hints about how exactly this group of strangers will eventually get home. It questions faith and science and the cast isn't hard to look at.
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8. 30 Rock

30 Rock is loosely based on Tina Fey's experience as head writer of SNL and it might actually be the funniest TV show of all time. There's comedic genius at work here by the entire cast-- after seeing Alec Baldwin's comedic range, you'll see why SNL snagged him for his current re-occurring character. An image

9. RuPaul's Drag Race

OKKKK! If you don't watch RuPaul's Drag Race, WYD? It's where all of your favorite memes and gifs come from. Season 1 is hard to find and crappy quality, but if you can manage to watch any/every other season-- DO IT! Season 4 is the one that really puts it on the map, but every season gets better and better in production quality. It's the best reality show on television, hands down.

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10. Gossip Girl

We're really here for the clothes but we stay for the drama laid out by mystery blogger "Gossip Girl". xoxo

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11. Community

You wouldn't think that following the antics of a former lawyer and his study group at Community College would lead to some of the smartest comedy of all time, but it continues to surprise.

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12. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

You guys, Buffy has been heralded as one of the greatest TV shows of all time about a thousand times over. Is that not enough reason to binge it every chance we get?! We can't quite explain how much we love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but we really, really do.

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13. Skins

This British show about dysfunctional teenagers is all of the best kinds of drama. They deal with drugs, eating disorders, sex, etc and it is soooo good. You get a new crop of kids every couple of years, so while it's hard to say goodbye to some of your favorites, you'll fall in love with the new casts before you even realize. An image

14. Dexter

Down in Miami we follow blood splatter analyst Dexter Morgan, leading a double life. That's right, he both works for the police department while moonlighting as a vigilante serial killer. Will he get caught? Won't he? It's hard to say but one thing is for sure-- we can't stop watching. An image

15. Breaking Bad

The first time I watched Breaking Bad, I think I stayed up for 24 hours in a row watching it. While that's doesn't speak very highly of me, that's how entranced I was by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman on their Meth-making and selling journey. This is a fascinating anti-hero story that centers around the evolution of a high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with cancer turned deadly drug lord. An image

16. Game of Thrones

I honestly feel sorry for people who haven't been up on their GOT since the beginning, as we're so many seasons deep now and part of the fun has been dissecting it with friends, family and colleagues. I'm also kind of jealous that they get to take it in for the first time. It manages to keep us on our toes time after time, and for that, we acknowledge that we know nothing (Jon Snow). An image

If you have siblings, the "best seat in the house" might prove to be challenging. May we recommend one of Samsung's beautiful curved TVs? There's no such thing as a bad seat.

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