10 easy crafts to spookify your space

The devil is in the details

Or so the saying goes. With October being in full swing (and Halloween just around the corner) it's time to think about decorations. If you're like me... you don't want to spend money going all out on Halloween only for it to come and go and you to have a bunch of random crap you're not going to remember you have until you're moving out. Rambling aside, here are 10 easy DIY crafts for you to spookify your space (but not spookify your wallet).

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1. Ghostly guard dog

Because what house can be complete without Zero?

2. Bat pumpkins

Why carve the pumpkins when you can paint them and make them batty?

3. Head in a jar

The easiest way to scare someone. You can even do your own head. [[pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/pin/510103095278058388/]

4. Potion bottles

Embrace your true witchy self.

5. Vampiric welcome mat

Now your welcome mat is smiling too... and has to stay outside since Vampire's can't come in without an invitation.

6. A spell book

Sanderson sisters... who?

7. Skull vase

Make any room a little more macabre.

8. "Bleeding" candles

Your walls don't need to bleed when you have candles that'll do it instead.

9. Mummy cat

If the ghostly guard dog isn't your thing.

10. Mason jar jack-o-lanterns

All the cuteness of a jack-o-lanter... without any of the mess.

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