The 5 most haunted colleges in America

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October is all about having the sht scared out of you and what better way to kick off the season with some real life stories about haunted colleges? Sure you could watch *The Babadook or Halloween or any number of horror movies but nothing's scarier than the thought of the unknown. Even if you don't attend one of these schools, I can't blame you for wanting to sleep with the light on after reading through. Anyways, let's get into the list because THIS IS HALLOWEEN. EVERYBODY MAKE A SCENE.

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1. Ohio University - Athens, Ohio

There's a reason people are scared of haunted houses... they have to live AND sleep there. To start things off, let's talk about haunted dorm rooms (specifically room 428 in Wilson Hall). Legends surrounding room 428 have been swirling around for years with everything from a student dying while trying to astral project to it being the supposed center of the Athens Cemetery Pentagram. What's actually known is that the room is currently closed and sealed so any noises coming from inside.... shouldn't even exist.

2. Penn State - University Park, Pennsylvania

Imagine having class or attending a show in a haunted auditorium... the students at Penn State don't have to just imagine. People have reported seeing a ghostly janitor as well as a female presence. A haunted auditorium doesn't have the only ghostly goings on. There's also been tales of a ghost mule traipsing around campus. Guess you could say... the mule has spirit.

3. Kenyon College - Gambier, Ohio

Plenty of horror movies involving flickering lights and old buildings. Real life at Kenyon College isn't much better. At least if you're a security guard that is. The security office is housed in one of the creepiest buildings on campus and security guards have to patrol some of the darkest corners. Another haunting involves the story of a diver who broke his neck on the glass roof and drowned in Shaffer pool (and is now known as the Greenhouse Ghost).

4. Gettysburg College - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

There was almost no way that Gettysburg College COULDN'T be haunted. I mean... Gettysburg and the Civil War, hello? Penn Hall is the oldest building on campus and served as a hospital and morgue during the Battle of Gettysburg. A secretary even recalls going into the basement of the building and "there was a full working Civil War hospital in the basement, with, like, lights, people walking around working, soldiers."

5. University of Notre Dame - Notre Dame, Indiana

Ever heard the phrase "win one for the Gipper?" Legend has it that George Gipp (the aforementioned Gipper) contracted pneumonia after sleeping on the steps of Washington Hall. He wasn't the only victim the dorm "claimed" and many have said they've seen a ghost roaming the hall. But exactly who is it? Is it George Gipp? Perhaps it's the student professor that became ill and died in Washington Hall. Maybe it's the steeplejack who fell to his death. Whoever it is... many agree that Notre Dame's campus is haunted.

Do you think your school is haunted? Let us know! Email to tell us your story.

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