The REAL Oscar highlights

Forget the winner and losers, we all know that the best thing about the Oscars is watching our fave movie stars all together - because they usually get up to all sorts!

Jennifer Lawrence + wine

Whatever your feelings towards J-Law at the mo, this picture of her climbing over chairs in the Oscars auditorium with a glass of wine in hand not giving a single f* is great. Even celebs get messy and that makes us little people feel better about our weekend antics.

Repping Wakanda on the red carpet

If, like me, you’re still riding on a high after watching Black Panther, getting any glimpse of the amazing cast will give you life. Cue Chadwick Boseman repping the Wakandan greeting!

Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph ditched their heels

We’ve all been there. We’ve glammed up but halfway through the night the pain becomes too much! We’re so glad the struggle is being taken right to the Oscars stage.

Jordan Peele wins big

He became the first black writer in Oscars history to win ‘Best Original Screenplay.’ Making history!!

Allison Janney's speech

She opened her speech by saying ‘I did it all myself.’ She said she was joking, but I think more speeches should be like this. Get ready for all the memes from this moment.

Kobe Bryant wins an Oscar!

Basketball star Kobe Bryant won an Oscar for an animated short. Is there anything this guy can’t win?

Girl power ruled

During her acceptance speech for Best Actress, Frances McDormand invited all the female Oscar nominees to stand. There was a lot of love and appreciation for other women in that room which is what we love to see!

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