5 easy Instagram recipes to make this week

Freshers weeks are coming to a close and it’s time to get used to being a halfway grown up and looking after yourself. No Dominoes to feed you for free at every turn of a university building corner after the beautiful time that is Freshers week, I’m afraid. Harsh but true reality. But, everyone loves food right? And it’s time to put those Wilko’s utensils that you panic bought to good use. Yas, it’s time to cook. Here are five super easy recipes straight from the ‘gram that you can whip up this week!

First up, a couple of tips to help you save money as a student...

  1. Bulk-buy or share-buy bigger items with flatmates to spread the cost. Bigger packets of cupboard items are usually cheaper at most supermarkets so invest at the beginning of term to stand the test of time. But you’ve heard that one before.

  2. Try and meal plan and use the same ingredients for a few different meals. For example, if you need grated cheese for a lasagne, try and make some toasties for lunch or have it as a topping on a jacket potato too! Easy.

Now let’s get onto the stuff you really want to see - here are five of my favourite Instagram chefs that are killing it with easy, affordable and delicious recipes.

Monday with Avant Garde Vegan

Why not give Meat Free Monday a go and save a little bit of money too? It’s no secret that meat can be a more expensive ingredient so by cutting down or spreading it across a few meals you can save cash! These vegan burgers by Gaz Oakley from Avant Garde Vegan look absolutely awesome. He was a student before he became a YouTube sensation with a book deal so he’s got experience of eating on a budget and he always tries to keep the cost of his meals down. His Mexican flavoured burgers are packed with kidney beans, sweet corn, black beans and delicious chipotle. Whack them in any buns that you like and dress with tasty, tasty ketchup. Vegan eats? Nailed it.

Tuesday with One Pound Meals

Bread, spicy sausages and tomato? There literally isn’t a better combination and you can use any sausages you like, they don’t have to be chorizo! This is also the perfect recipe if your bread is a little stale because the juice from the sauce will soak into it and make it all squishy again. This recipe includes onion (something you can use in almost all of these recipes to save cash!), some drained cannellini beans (super-cheap from a can), a splash of tomato passata (also cheap and you can use it in Friday’s recipe too so bulk buy…!), plus herbs and ketchup. Miguel really makes easy meals and I can vouch for the fact that they are actually as simple as he makes out!

Wednesday with, erm Steve

Steve is the latest Insta-chef to hit the ranks and his Payday Bake is perfect for using up random cupboard and fridge goodies to create something delicious and filling. Batch cook this and freeze spare portions for a rainy day or after-pub scoff. It’s safer than trying to cook fish fingers when you’ve had a few wines. You could make this with potatoes like Steve does or with pasta or rice if that’s all you have, as long as the carbs are cooked before it goes into the oven as one, you’ll be golden. Add any leftover vegetables you have to this, spinach that you can use for salads is perfect for this if it’s not fresh enough to eat raw anymore and adds a healthy hit of vitamins and minerals.

Thursday with The Body Coach

Make Mexican Thursdays a thing with these delicious nachos from Joe Wicks. These crispy guys are made with wraps which you can also use for lunches if you buy a big pack and you could always top it with natural yoghurt which you’re also going to use in the Friday recipe! Plus, if you batch cook the mince you could whack some kidney beans in, re-heat it and eat it with some rice for a speedy chilli. You can grab an amazing 40% off The Body Coach 90 Day Plan using your UNiDAYS discount if you’re loving his recipes and fancy a fitness challenge!

Friday with the Mob

Having everyone round yours for a get together? Feed four people for under a tenner (and obv make your mates pay either for their portions or buy you beers) with Mob Kitchen. Treats for a Friday? We think it’s time for a curry! This quick and simple Tikka Masala includes passata and onions and spices that you would have already had to buy to use in other recipes in this week so it’s perfect for using rule number 2 of saving money.

And, that’s it! A whole world of flavours, cheap ingredients, vegetables, carbs and protein - this week has it all and you’ll look forward to cooking and eating every single night. Let me know what your fave recipe is on Twitter!

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