The cheapest 2018 travel destinations

From pretty European cities to further afield swoon-worthy tropical paradises. Whether it’s a weekend break or longer trip you’re after, here’s a rundown of some of the cheapest destinations in the world to travel to this year:

Bucharest, Romania

It’s had a bad rap in the past but the capital of Romania is now a really fun city for a European break. It has a vibrant nightlife, a fascinating mix of crazy architecture and lots of beautiful parks. Don’t miss a visit to the world’s heaviest building, or partaking in a Dracula hunt. Return flights from the UK pull in at less than £70. A local beer will set you back around £1.30 and you can score a night in a good quality hostel for less than a tenner.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Another European capital. The laid-back city of Sofia is often overlooked for the plethora of nearby stunning ski resorts. But it’s modern and youthful vibe is really something that shouldn’t be missed. If you like the outdoors the hiking trails of mighty Mount Vitosha are a must. You can nab a return from the UK for less than £40 outside of peak times and you’ll be happy as a clam with beer prices as low as 90p. Hostels stays are less than £10.


The land of smiles has long been a firm fixture amongst cheap travel destinations. Yes, it will cost you more in airfare. However, if you have a few weeks or more to explore, there aren't many countries where your dosh will go as far as it does here. We’ve seen return flights from the UK for around the £350 for this year and you can comfortably survive on £20 per day. A tasty street food meal and a beer will cost less than £3 and beach huts as little as £5 per night.

You’ll likely fly into colourfully frenetic Bangkok... and should head north to the budget backpacking mecca of Chiang Mai and the surrounding areas. But be sure to venture south too. Hopping around the beautiful Thai islands is a dream come true for anyone who likes backpacking.


Another big hitter in the flight price stakes (around £600 return from London) is Indonesia. But again, if you have a while to travel it’s one of the best places in the world to visit on a budget. In fact, if you have a while you can travel around Indonesia very easily for a month on just £750. You can get your hands on an inexpensive meal and a half litre of beer for £3 and get your head down in a decent hostel for £6/7.

It’s so geographically vast you would need years to explore it fully. But there are places that should be on every budget traveller's itinerary. Bali beaches, volcano hiking in Lombok, exotic Gili Islands, Komodo National park complete with real-life dragons, beautiful Yogyakarta temples and bustling Jakarta are a good start.

Fez, Morocco

Multiple return budget flights are heading out here from the UK for less than £150 this year. You can’t grumble at being able to visit a different continent for that price. Often referred to as Morocco’s cultural capital, you’ll find no shortage of things to do in the warren of alleyways which make up this incredible city. An old worldy travel experience here will cost less than £10 per night for a hostel stay and around a fiver for a meal and a beer in an inexpensive restaurant.

Travel resources used for price comparisons in this article are hostelworld, and numbeo.

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