4 food and beer combos you're going to love

Beer and foodie lovers, we've been working hard to pair off some delicious foods and beers that we think are going to complete your summer. Check 'em out!

Burger and Lager

Beer and a burger are the ultimate love affair of foods. Pair your burger with a classic lager, my personal favourite is Brooklyn Lager. The refreshing bitter taste of this amber lager is very well suited for its meaty partner.

Nachos and pale ales

Can we take a moment to appreciate all pale ales this German Beer Day. Particularly when paired with some cheesy, spicy and delicious nachos. Treat your taste buds to a bottle of Sierra Nevada or Greene King's IPA India Pale Ale.

Currywurst and Pilsner

Well, it wouldn't be German Beer Day without a nod to the masters of beer and sausage! As one of Berlin's most popular street foods, it only seems fair to pair the Currywurst up with one of Berlin's most popular beer, Berliner Pilsner. So if you're craving something meaty while in Berlin, here is your answer to all things delicious.

Pie and ale

A meat pie might possibly be one of my favourite winter foods. If you're looking to pair off a meat pie with a beer, I would definitely recommend a stout of some form. Think steak and onion pie and a pint of Guinness, sounds good right?

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