What could you spend £3,000 on?

Imagine if you didn't have to spend your money on really boring stuff like electricity bills and council tax. What would you spend the money that you've saved on? You could spend up to £3,000 on your utility bills collectively with your housemates in a year. That's a lot of dollar on a lot of boring stuff. We've got an amazing competition where Glide could be paying your utility bills for a year! Here are 5 things that you could do with all that money you've saved.

1. Holiday of a lifetime

Round up all your flat mates and book a trip around the world. Ok, £3,000 might not get you all the way around the world but you can get a couple of you over to Thailand or Australia for that much for sure!

2. Pay off that overdraft

Boring, but necessary!

3. Shopping spree

Hello, by not spending money on your utility bills you've got a lot more disposable income to spend on the more exciting things that you really want. Brand new shoes, the latest Xbox, snazzy laptop, fresh makeup, the list is literally endless.

4. Treat your parents

By having your extra cash, treat your parents to lunch when they come and see you not the other way round, they'll definitely appreciate it.

5. New wheels!

Planning to buy a car when you finish uni or do you need one for getting home at the moment? By saving your utility bill money that you would have spent you could have enough money for a new car or a year's worth of train travel by the time the year is up! Check out the competition here and enter to be in with the chance of winning up to £3,000 to cover your utility bills for the year. Plus don't forget that when you sign up to Glide to manage your university utility bills they give you a £50 Tesco voucher too! Blog-Perk-Glide

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