Ultimate study shopping checklist!

It might not be time for lectures just yet but it's definitely time to start stocking up on your essentials to head to back to uni with. We're not talking beers and glow sticks just yet unfortunately (you know you love the rave themed Re-Freshers parties!), this check list is all about your study necessities. Study gear definitely doesn't have to be boring, with 10% off some of your favourite brands, here are some seriously sweet buys to brighten up your desk.

The note-taking essentials

You'll definitely need all of this gear so take note!

- Student planner/diary

This bad boy will be your everything, you'll have your timetable in here, the times of your extra curricular activities and much more, you won't want to lose this so get a brightly colored one that catches your eye.

- Notebooks and folders

These are a given, note taking is what college is all about, isn't it? Well, it might not be the most exciting activity of your college career but it's guaranteed to happen so why not make it more fun with a notebook you actually like? We're so into this Ohh Deer Dash A4ish Notebook and the bright and breezy Ban Do Good Ideas Notebook Set.

- Index cards and hole punch

You'll want something else apart from stray notes to pop into your folders, right? Of course! Grab yourself some index cards to make notes about super important topics and a hole punch to secure them with. Article Study Check List 7

- Highlighters

Buy a pack of four because there's always a kid that doesn't have one! These NPW Mini Scented Highlighters Pack will take you right back to primary school. What does grape even smell like anyway?

- Sticky notes

How awesome are these Whatcha Thinkin' Bout Post-It Notes from Ohh Deer? Perfect for leaving yourself or your flat mates reminders and notes!

- Pens

A total given, you can't forget these. Plus you can keep them all in a sassy case like this Skinnydip Watermelon Pencil Case.

- Scissors & Tape

Scissors and tape will probably come more in handy than you first realise so you might as well get funky ones. Think wrapping up your flat mate's birthday pressies, sending packages home, repairing notebooks, opening parcels, online shopping returns, taping your flat mates' belongings to the ceiling - the possibilities for scissors and tape are endless.

- USB Drives

These are one of the most important things you need for uni. You need to be saving all your essays and projects onto your laptop, a cloud storage platform and a USB drive. Yep, all of them, it's better to be safe than sorry!

The organization aids

- Bulletin board

As well as being functional, a bulletin board can actually be really fun and brighten up your dorm room, plus it doesn't have to be plain old cork. Check out this amazing metal grid version below. Grab yourself some copper bulldog clips, your favourite photographs and some ticket stubs and you've got a super cute Instagrammable bulletin board! ‌

- Desk organizer

This acrylic, totally wipe free, 3 Drawer Storage Box from Ryman is perfect for keeping all your important bits and pieces together.

- Wall calendar

If you're not an iCal kind of person a wall calendar is a great way for you to count down the days until holidays or mark important dates like exams! Article Study Check List 6

- Desk lamp

Don't strain your eyes by working by laptop light, grab yourself a fancy desk lamp like this Pink Elephant Lamp from Urban Outfitters and jazz up your desk in the mean time!

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